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Time For A New Professional League?
Posted by Thomas10966 (2767 days ago)
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I just watched the excellent 30 on 30 segment on the USFL. That made me wonder if any major sport is vulnerable to a new rival. I would like to see a new baseball league.

Baseball is the least competitive of the major sports and much of that imbalance probably stems from the lack of a salary cap. The luxury tax doesn't prevent the big boys like the Yankees and Red Sox from spending zillions trying to outdo each other. There are a handful of teams that spend the most money by far, while the rest can only afford one or two star players. The Brewers could not retain C.C. Sabathia and the Pirates can't afford anyone. The players union is much stronger than other sports as a reaction to decades of abuse at the hands of the owners throughout much of baseball history.

Also, right or wrong, many fans perceive baseball players as spoiled. Perhaps the slower nature of the game itself contributes to that perception. A middle reliever making $5 million a season or a DH who only bats 3 or 4 times a game add to that perception.

I'm a lifelong baseball fan and I would love to see a new league. I remember during the strike in the early '90's feeling excited about the prospects of new players and a change to the economic structure. Who knows what would have resulted, but at least there was a chance for positive change.

If nothing else, a new league would create some intriguing fantasy sports scenarios. Any thoughts?

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scafeets commented 2755 days ago
There's a league for teams like the Pirates and others who don't want to pony up the $$$ -- PCL. Or the International. When MLB is generating millions of dollars based on the talent on the field, what better way to spend it than on the people who put butts in the seats? The Yankees and Red Sox spend money to make money. Putting a competitive team on the field is the best way for a franchise to make money. Boston is the #7 market and SF/Oakland is ##6. Miami is a much larger market than Baltimore, St. Louis or San Diego. Yet some deadbeat teams won't even spend the luxury tax and revenue sharing on their payrolls.At #35, Milwaukee is the smallest media market. If the locals can't or won't support their team, let it become a minor league franchise and open up one of the unserved Top 25 markets like Orlando, Charlotte or Indy. And there's no crying in baseball.
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