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Keeper help
Posted by mstory (2751 days ago)
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AL 4x4 260 standard roto 10 team freeze date super bowl sunday max 15/23 min7/23.
im in control of: marson 2,(c santana in minors) lopez 7, bartlett 5 cuddyer 10, r davis 8, reimold 2, b wood 1, pettite 6, francisco 1, weaver 15, slowey 1, frasor 8. i am on the fence with granderson at 37 and now im worried about frasor with gregg in toronto and downs too. im thinking of droppin gfrasor and not keeeping granderson and going into the draft with 11 players at 58 with 202 to spend on 12 players?

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mstory (Blog Author) commented 2751 days ago
testing 123
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