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NL Keeper League Team Need Owner (Upstate South Carolina)
Posted by photontorpedotube (2713 days ago)
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Hello, we have a group of guys with a NL Keeper Rotisserie league with nine teams. It used to be ten, but one of our owners is not able to participate.

We need someone to adopt the orphaned team (the Marines) to keep the league at ten teams . Here is a link to the Marines current roster:

Under our rules you can keep one 2009 player for +8 above the salary. If you're interested, send me an email address at my email photontorpedotube AT gmail DOT com . I will invite you to our league

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photontorpedotube (Blog Author) commented 2713 days ago
Our auction is scheduld for Sunday 3/28/10 at 1230.
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