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Help dealing Peavy
Posted by Pistons979 (2709 days ago)
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Im not big on Peavy in the AL, any1 else feel the same? And i was offered a trade adam jones for OF consists of crawford, bay and hawpe (blanks and francouer on bench) but i think i could get a little more for peavy. Any suggestions?

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Dr0c84 commented 2703 days ago
I'm sure peavy is a solid pitching option regardless of what league he pitches in that being said i would take the deal. i am never a fan of selling low though so if u can be patient you may be able to get more once peavy goes on a tear, but adam jones is a very solid OF option.
kylekotrba commented 2697 days ago
I actually just dropped Peavy out of frustration. His last start he had such a bad first inning and then came back and looked like a stud that he can be. I believe once he gets his mechanics back he will be the dominant pitcher he once was. However how long can you afford to hold on. With Hawpe on the DL I am assuming you took this trade.
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