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Jets, Giants competes to host 2014 Super Bowl
Posted by sporting2010 (2685 days ago)
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Two of the top National Football League (NFL) teams has formally submitted their intention to host the 2014 Super Bowl festivity at the New Meadowlands Stadium.
The New York Jets and New York Giants has formally informed the NFL hierarchy that each of them are willing to host the Super Bowl in 2014.
Some of the top players and officials of each team had joined the cause for each team to win the chance to host the Super Bowl.
Jets star quarterback Mark Sanchez said the team had long desired to host the Super Bowl.
Jets owner Woody Johnson said if ever his team will win the chance to host the Super Bowl it would be a great honor for his team and its countless fans.
Aside from the two Tampa and Miami are the other two potential sites, and both have hosted Super Bowls in the last two years.
Two of the next three Super Bowls are to be held in relatively new stadiums, in Dallas this season and Indianapolis in 2012.
Whoever wins the prestigious chance to host the Super Bowl will offer great joy and excitement to all its countless fans.
The NFL season is set to start anytime soon so make it a habit to watch the games live by getting cheap NFL tickets online.

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