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rotowire nonsense
Posted by confab (2624 days ago)
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I for one am tired of seeing comments from rotowire predicting a players relevance to fantasy baseball. My gripe being the last posting the put up for brennan boesch.

If they are going to put up some prediction then they should atleast know what they are talking about. The guy has done nothing but hit the cover off the ball while he has been up, with every team he has gone up against giving him rave reviews.

Infact his numbers so far are being compared to pujols and braun with their induction into the league. I'll let these so called experts do their homework and figure it out, but for some mo who has no clue other then what he has been paying attention to, for him to predict the bottom dropping out of a guy while slobbering all over a heywarth and a stanton is leaving themself to look the fool for such bold predictions when the guy they are disqualifying as capable has outplayed both of them.

Do your homework so you don't come off as bias or stupid, rotowire! If you do your homework on a player before randomly bashing them, your service might actually be relevant. Until then its nothing but some clowns who put up a opinion that is without fact.

I'll start you off on the homework, Boesch hit over three hundred in the pac ten while in college with some of the best college pitching in the country. His first year in the minors at double a erie he led the eastern league in homeruns while hitting around 278 or something real close. One year in the minors and was adjusting to being an adult away from home. Starting off the year he was hitting 379 before being called up after the first month. The time he has been on the tigers roster which is a little over a month and he has numbers comparable to the elite outfielders in the game, and some clown from rotowire decides that he isn't capable of being what he has been his whole life? A pure hitter who can run and has immense power.

Its rather disgusting that i'd have to take the time to write this, but whoever it is that is posting for rotowire is in a world that doesn't include the facts of whats at hand. Simply putting a opinion that is based solely on nothing but what they are thinking at the moment. Thats pathetic and totally unprofessional, and this service actually asks for money to be a member, what a joke.

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dvr9484 commented 2623 days ago
Confab, thanks for the taking the time to write. I am the Baseball Editor here and I wrote yesterday's Boesch update. Quite honestly, I don't consider college batting average as a relevant measure of what a hitter is capable of (consider the unknown role of park effects and defense, plus the fact that he was using an aluminum bat), especially after we've seen three full seasons of minor league data.

2009 was not Boesch's first year in the minors, he was very mediocre in 2007 and 2008 at West Michigan and Lakeland.

Boesch's season at Double-A was impressive, but it should be taken in context given that he was old for his level at age 24. The concerns about him right now are centered on plate discipline (problematic throughout his minor league career and this season, which was cited in the update) and BABIP (unsustainable at .394).

The notion that you can't get much for him in trade is more an indication that a savvy fantasy owner won't overpay you to get him, realizing these concerns. It doesn't mean you should drop him, or that Boesch is a bad player. It simply means that you shouldn't expect him to hit .343 all season. And like any player with limited big league experience, there's going to be a point where the scouting reports on him give pitchers a chance to pick out potential holes in his swing and plate coverage. How well he adjusts from there will go a long way in determining what we can make from him in the future.

I don't think we unnecessarily slobber over the Heyward and Stanton types -- they're much younger than Boesch and tore up the minors with significantly less experience.

As far as the updates go, we can sit back and tell you what already happened (Boesch is hitting .343 with eight homers....etc) or we can analyze the skills and give you a read on what we expect from him going forward. If I'm trying to make a decision to win my league, I'd much rather have insight about where he's headed than simply taking a recap of what's he accomplished to this point.

Hopefully that gives you a better idea as to where we're coming from the other side.

Have a great weekend.

- Derek VanRiper
rrose1968 commented 2622 days ago
Don't read the stuff here then. I'm ahead of last year by 16 games already by coming here and researching. Maybe you're just not readfing something wrong, losing games or whatever. Don't like the service, save server space and go elsewhere.

Better yet, since you are so much more professional and informed then start your own advice service. If you are as right as you think you are, you'll make millions. See ya'.
dhamlin35 commented 2620 days ago
I for one have gotten great advice from this site. When taking advice on anything you have to take it with a grain of salt. and nobody can be right about everything. Its fantasy for christ sakes. lighten up and have fun. later.
dhamlin35 commented 2620 days ago
I for one have gotten great advice from this site. When taking advice on anything you have to take it with a grain of salt. and nobody can be right about everything. Its fantasy for christ sakes. lighten up and have fun. later. oh and by the way in the rotowire daily lineup card brennan boesch was a recommended pick up 3 days ago.
confab (Blog Author) commented 2619 days ago
Mr VanRiper, I'd like to take the time to thank you for your personal response to what i had wrote. I for one will admit that my rant about what had been posted about Boesch was a bit excessive and not totally precise on the facts. Your clearing up the timeline for Brennan's minor league stay proved my inaccuracy. At the same time i'm sure you would agree that players refusing a minor league contract in order to fulfill their education and possibly a better placement in the draft, in some cases is beneficial to not only the person and their development, but for teams to scout their abilities when they are ready for a big league assignment. Such as a player like Bechham or pedroia, infact barry bonds also was advised by willie mays to attend college rather then except a contract. Aluminum bat or not, field size and other concerns aren't what scouts are concerned about.

I for one will admit that the service provided by rotowire the greater percent of the time is accurate. In this instance what was wrote about Boesch wasn't though. I'll put up the comment and follow with what i felt wasn't right.

Boesch went 2-for-4 with eighth home run of the season in Friday's win over the Pirates.
Spin: He also picked up a stolen base, filling in well for Magglio Ordonez (oblique) while Don Kelly started in left field. Boesch has exceeded expectations to this point, but his plate discipline (10:31 BB:K) hints at some potential regression for him once his BABIP comes back down to earth in the coming weeks. It's unlikely that you would be able get much in return for him in a trade, so enjoy the ride while it lasts since there's almost no chance that he's a .300 hitter at the big league level.
Fri, Jun 11

First, Don Kelly was filling in for magg's(Boesch plays everyday, although he did switch to right field while magg's was out).
Second, his base on balls ratio to k's is out of whack because he hits behind one of the best hitters in the game and pitchers go out of their way to throw strikes to him. Hence walking Cabrera infront of him, and with guillen hitting behind him those numbers aren't a concern but should be expected.

Going back to what originally got my ire. The last sentence stating that a owner probably wouldn't get much in return for him is why i brought up heywarth and stanton. There is nothing and won't be anything to hint their value is nill. Boesch comes off a good game and him and his owners are cut off at the knees. He may not hit three hundred, but having one of the smartest hitters in the game in Cabrera befriending him and discussing the pitchers (very similarly to what Mantle used to do with Maris)and what they might throw him. Which may give some light on what he has done, from going to spring training with the team mixing with the players and tearing up minors and coming to the bigs and continuing. Cabrera and the other players deserve some credit, but boesch looks to have developed no matter. Cody Ross has d
confab (Blog Author) commented 2619 days ago
Ran out of space...

Cody Ross was mentioned because he has taken some time to develop, and seems to be playing pretty well. While a Heywarth and Stanton are young and minor league phenoms. How it translates to the bigs is what matters, with Boesch being a true rookie phenom in the bigs although it took some time to develop. With Mark Texeira saying that not many rookies impress him but Boesch did after a spring training game, and the managers saying how they are impressed. Ozzie Guillen saying he is scarry good after he played the sox and hit a homer into the wind to straight away center in chicago. As well as the Twins echoing that after he hit them around and almost hitting a homer out of their new stadium.

Whatever side you were mentioning, the side i'm mentioning is the one that gives credit where it is due. How long it lasts is the same as any other player.
***Edited at 6/16/2010 11:30 PM PT***
confab (Blog Author) commented 2618 days ago
There was one other thing...After being named all american after his sophmore year in college, he played his junior year hurt. The tigers took him in the third round at the eighty third pick. When the Twins took Justin Morneau he was taken in the third round as the eighty seventh pick. Their similarities are striking if you ever seen boesch's swing, it mirrors morneaus, besides their physical appearance being similar. Just saying. Alright I did the homework for you, ha
***Edited at 6/17/2010 12:01 AM PT***
johnsonscooby commented 2586 days ago
Confab, I can understand that you are upset that Rotowire isn't/wasn't on Boesch's bandwagon, but to be honest I would guess just about everyone in baseball is surprised at how he has fared thus far this season. I, for one, expect him to hit a dry spell soon. If you have the ability to trade him for a very good player I would suggest doing so quickly. If not, ride the wave and whatever you get from him is gravy, since you likely snagged him off the waiver wire earlier this season.
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