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2 spots open in Draft n' Play league
Posted by junior775 (2629 days ago)
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Merry Football Greetings!

I am looking for 2 owners to fill a 10 team draft n' play style league on sportsline - here are all the particulars:

Uncle Rico's NFL 10 Team Challenge  

If you're like me and can't resist the challenge of fantasy football but don't really have the time to manage yet another fantasy team, then i'm pleased to offer you a chance to join my new draft n' play fantasy league.

The league is designed to not only challenge your fantasy management skills and give you the opportunity to take down a sizable cash prize, but without the time commitment of traditional team management.

You draft and you play - that's it  

There's no bench, no reserves, no add/drops, no injured list and no keepers. All of your drafted players will start and be eligible to score points. And Old Uncle Rico has put in a few bonuses to help keep as many owners as possible in the playoff hunt throughout the season.

Here's how it works:

The league entry fee will be $80, limited to 10 owners (counting myself) 

Prize Fund (based on 10 entries):
$800 minus $150 sportsline commissioner fee = $650.00 net prize fund.

League Champion: $450
Runner-Up: $200

The draft will be a live, extended (no time limit) snake style draft consisting of 14 rounds slated to begin on 8/1/2010 

Rounds 1 - 8:  Each owner will draft 2 players at the following positions: QB, RB, WR & TE (in any order as long as you have 2 players at each of these positions at the end of round 8)

Rounds 9 - 14:  1 - RB, 1 - WR,  2 - DST,  2 - Kickers 
(any order same rules as above) 

After 14 rounds each team will have 2 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 2 DST & 2 Kickers
Scoring - Offense:
QB: .03 pts per yard gained, TD - 4 pts, 2 point bonus @ 300 passing yards
WR: .04 pts per yard gained, TD - 6 pts, 2 point bonus @ 90 receiving yards
RB: 0.5 pts per yard gained, TD - 6 pts, 2 point bonus @ 100 rushing yards
TE: .06 pts per yard gained, TD - 6 pts, 2 point bonus @ 70 receiving yards
2 point conversion: 2 pts
Interception: -2 pts
Fumble: -2 pts

Scoring - Defense: 
TD: 6 pts, Safety: 4 pts, Forced Fumble: 2 pts, Fumble Recovered: 2 pts, Interception: 2 pts, Sack: 1 point, Shutout: 4 pts

Scoring - Special Teams:
.03 pts per kick return yard, 2 pt bonus @ 90 kick return yards
.05 pts per punt return yard, 2 pt bonus @ 45 kick return yards
TD: 6 pts
Blocked Kick: 2 pts

Scoring - Kickers:
Field Goal Made: 4 pts
Extra Point Made: 1 point
Missed Field Goal or Extra Point: -1 

Scoring - Other:
A 2.5 point scoring bonus will be added for each player/DST whose NFL team wins their game that week.  

Schedule: Each team will play every other team 3 times during the regular season for a total of 27 games as follows:

NFL weeks 1 - 12: Doubleheaders - 2 opponents per week
NFL Week 13: Triple Header - 3 opponents

Week 6 Re-Draft:
After the games of NFL week 6, we'll conduct a 3 round supplemental draft of available free agents. The draft will begin on Tuesday 10/19 and we'll have through Saturday 10/23 to complete the three rounds. The first two rounds will go in order of worst to first and the last round will snake back from first to worst.

In this re-draft, you may select only one player at any one position.
The rosters will expand to accommodate your three new players, all players will start and score points and we'll battle on to the finish.

Trades will be allowed on a position for position basis only 
For example: RB for RB, RB/TE for RB/TE etc.

The league trade deadline will be Wed 11/17/2010 

The top five teams will make the playoffs
NFL Week 14: Wild Card Game - #4 Seed vs. #5 Seed
NFL Week: 15: Semi-Finals - #1 Seed vs. Wild Card Winner, #2 Seed vs. #3 Seed
NFL Week 16: League Championship

A regular season game that ends in a tie will count as a tie in the standings.

Ties for playoff spots will be decided by head to head record first, and then by power rankings if necessary.

So that's it - simple, easy and fun. You draft your team and cheer like heck for your players on Sunday!

As of this posting, we have 8 confirmed owners and would like to fill the last spots and begin the draft...

If you would like to reserve one of the final 2 spots, please send me an e-mail.

Thanks and good luck,
Rick L.

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