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Rotowire's Baseball Draft Software 2011
Posted by MStromberg (2389 days ago)
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This will be the second year I will be using Rotowire's draft software in my upcoming Roto draft. I was very impressed with it last year. How many years have you used it? Like it? Love it? Hate it? How about we use this blog to compare notes, share tips & tricks, bugs, and suggest enhancements.

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joe308aspen commented 2388 days ago
Used it 2 years, awesome! basically caused a riot at draft 2 years ago because I was the only who had it, and I destroyed the field. Now everybody uses it so you just need it to keep up.
Slingshots commented 2360 days ago
This is my 1st year with it and like it. My question is that it only lets you do auction or H2H points. No h2h catagory. Am I missing something or is this the way it is?
pelicane1 commented 2342 days ago
Quick question.

When inserting values in the setup, what values should be used for percentage stats such as batting avg, ops, era, etc...
MStromberg (Blog Author) commented 2341 days ago
Slingshots & pelicane1 - I don't know the answers and I do not think Rotowire staff is monitoring this board. I would e-mail them at
catsnbadgers commented 2338 days ago
What is difference between RK and ADP for draft rankings?

MaineSkin commented 2241 days ago
1st year with software and it is definitly for serious fantasy players, but usuable friendly for any type of player. The fact that your settings are imbedded is the main attraction. This allows you to see the guys who jump up or down in rankings due to league scoring rules. One thing, do not set the scoring system to "points" and draft when your league is not using that format (yes, sarcastic). I am in a H2H league which switched from straight points 8x8 to 7x8 Roto format, but drafted with the old settings. I almost collapsed when I realized it setting up another leagues custom settings.
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