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Looking for a new owner for a keeper league
Posted by harrypoppins (2022 days ago)
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Our keeper league is a good 12 team head-to-head league! Unfortunately we lost an owner this year and are looking for a new one to take over an existing team ...

Josh Beckett -7-
Mark Buehrle -15-
Miguel Cabrera -1-
Matt Cain -2-
Johnny Damon -LA-
Ian Desmond -10-
Brian Duensing -16-
Derek Holland -LA-
Matt Holliday -2-
Torii Hunter -14-
Derek Jeter -LA-
Jason Kubel -LA-
Brandon League -LA-
Jason Marquis -LA-
Victor Martinez -1-
Jesus Montero -LA-
Jonathan Papelbon -2-
Aramis Ramirez -9-
Francisco Rodriguez -8-
Grady Sizemore -13-
Justin Smoak -18-
Dan Uggla -4-

Each team keeps five players and loses the corresponding draft choice of the kept player's "keeper value" (draft round in which he was most recently taken or if picked up as a free agent his "keeper value" is "LA"-meaning the team's last available draft choice.

All teams pay a one time entry fee of $30 (no other fees). The winner of each of three division gets their $30 back and after the $150 custom keeper league fee is paid to CBSSportsline, the rest ($120) goes to the top three finishers of the playoffs (70/35/15).

We're an active league, have a lot of fun, have a simple and uncomplicated scoring system and set lineups once a week.

Our keeper designaiton date is 3/18 and our live online draft is 3/25 at 7:00PM CDT.

If anyone's interested please post a response and I'll be happy to answer any questions and furnish more info.


***Blog was Edited on 3/9/2012 6:46 PM PT***

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scrakman commented 2008 days ago
I am interested in the team if you have not found someone yet. Please let me know
Thanks, Rick
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