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Wins Ks vs whip Era?
Posted by murrayotl (1265 days ago)
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We have some iffy pitchers Porcello,W.Peralta &J Vargas. We have Wainwright,Minor dl and Hamels dl.Minors include A.Bradley and T. Walker. What's more important to do pitch these iffy pitchers to try to get Ws and Ks or worry about era and whip from them? This early in roto should we be careful? Or start them to stay close in Ws and Ks?

Thanks John

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Jakkester02 commented 526 days ago
First off, there are things we can predict and control. Strikeouts are easy to determine. What has the pitcher done historically and who is he playing? Wins are too hard to predict therefore you shouldn't be "aiming" for wins. Roto is forgiving because let's say a pitcher gives up 5 runs but strikes out 9 of them. You technically had a bad start but you comtributed to one area fairly well. That being said, don't pitch a guy that has high strikeout potential but throws a straight ball at a hitters park (Joe Kelly), throw quality pitchers, even if they don't strike people out. The three guys you mentioned first (Porcello, Peralta and Vargas) I would spot start them. Don't play any of them against "power" teams or small parks (don't start Peralta at home!)
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