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Offseason Agenda: New York Yankees
Posted by JesseLSiegel (3204 days ago)
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With the Yanks failing to make the playoffs last season for the first time since 1993, there is no doubt that the Bronx Bombers will look to add to their core of Jeter, Rodriguez, Rivera, Posada, and Cano. Here are some of the players that have been mentioned:

C.C. Sabathia - Sabathia is one of the biggest prizes of the offseason. The Yankees may lose Mike Mussina and possibly Andy Pettitte, and have an extremely young staff otherwise with Wang, Joba, and Phil Hughes. With the Yankees deciding not to trade for Johan Santana last season, Sabathia is the ace they've been looking for. While he would command similar numbers to Santana, he is younger than Johan, and the Yankees have no shortage of funds. My gut feeling is that the Yankees pull the trigger on the hefty lefty.

Derek Lowe - There has been talk of bringing in the current Dodger and former Red Sock to the new Yankee Stadium. Lowe has been extremely consistent over the past few seasons. Although I would much prefer to have Sabathia, Lowe is a reliable middle of the rotation guy that would help the younger pitchers on the staff.

Mark Teixeira - The Yankees declined Jason Giambi's option, and have a hole at first base. Like many teams, they'll be lusting for the switch-hitting Teixeira, a superstar who ended last season with the Angels. Although most experts say he will stay with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, don't be surprised if the Yankees splurge on the young power hitter. He is also a superb fielder.

Mike Cameron - After their poor defensive play, I've heard rumors that the Yanks are looking for a sure-handed outfielder, and Cameron fits the mold. Whatever he hits in this line-up would be a bonus, but clearly as shown by the Phillies and Rays, defense and pitching wins. Cameron would help tremendously with the former.

Kevin Millar - His name has been mentioned at first base, but in my mind this should only be a last ditch resort. I'd rather have Jorge Posada play first.

Manny Ramirez - Manny apparently has gotten a monster offer from the Dodgers of two years for $45 million. However, he is originally from the Bronx, and has expressed a desire to play for the Yankees. Manny would be a huge boost in the middle of the lineup, but his price tag comes at the cost of clubhouse camaraderie and team unity. While he would be a monster addition, I'm hoping the Yanks would try for Sabathia or Teixeira before ManRam.

A.J. Burnett - The Yanks have talked about Burnett, who knows the AL East well having spent time with Toronto. I'm a little wary of Burnett due to the past Marlins failure of Carl Pavano, but Burnett is clearly superior. Still, Burnett has a history of injuries, and his durability is a major concern. I'd shy away from him due to this fact.

It looks like the Yankees will not go after Jake Peavy or Ben Sheets. Bobby Abreu is also a free agent, who fits the Yankees strategy of taking pitches, but may command a bit too much money for his declining power and speed. He is also a bit of a liability in right field.

Overall, it should be an interesting offseason. We'll see if the Yanks target anybody else in the upcoming months.

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vtadave commented 3197 days ago
Nice work. What do you think will be the impact to the Yankees re: the Swisher deal?
JesseLSiegel (Blog Author) commented 3194 days ago
I think Swisher will be given every opportunity to start at 1st base. The Yanks won't re-sign Jason Giambi, and perhaps not Bobby Abreu either. Swisher can play any of the outfield positions as well. He is an OBP guy and takes pitches, a staple of the recent Yankees' teams. He is a better fielder than Giambi, and one of the main problems with the Yanks last season was their play in the field. A solid first baseman cures many of those infield ills. Although of course I would have preferred Teixeira, Swisher should hit .250 and hit 25 homers from the 7 or 8 spot.
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