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Who's Your Austin Kearns?
Posted by Erickson (3194 days ago)
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For the longest time, I've kept the faith in Austin Kearns, hoping against all evidence to the contrary that he'd fulfill his potential. My friend and colleague Jason Grey has done the same with Orlando Cabrera, albeit with much more palatable results. I've finally kicked the habit, not drafting Kearns once last year. But I think I've found my new Kearns, and it's not even a homer pick this time: Jeremy Hermida. Who is that one guy that you can't seem to shake from your roster?

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demgrinder commented 3194 days ago
Howie Kendrick
jagyrules commented 3194 days ago
I was certain that Willi Mo Pena was gonna be a 40 HR hitter. I kept him year after year, but I am finally giving him up for good in 2009. His downfall: he never learned to shorten his swing.
cwmorgan commented 3194 days ago
Every year without fail I draft King Felix, and while he's been fine he's never had THE year I've been waiting for. I know he's on a terrible team now, but I guarantee I'll end up with him again.
Erickson (Blog Author) commented 3194 days ago
Nice responses. Kendrick is one for me, too - and I haven't given up on him yet, either. Pena also never learned about laying off a breaking ball in the dirt. Jim Bowden keeps accumulating guys like Pena - as much as I like the talent that they acquired from the Marlins, I don't see how they're going to get all the pieces to fit.
muttcope commented 3194 days ago
Edwin Encarnacion. In that ballpark, I really thought he would have put together one full season without having to worry about Ryan Freel, or someone else stealing playing time from him
schoenke commented 3193 days ago
I held on to Mark Prior year after year like a sucker holding GM stock right now.
25 ALIVE commented 3193 days ago
Mine is Rickie Weeks, every year he shows a glimpse of that potential in the 2nd half of the season and I fall in love with that 20/20 potential.
vtadave commented 3193 days ago
I will again be touting Jeremy Hermida this year and probably the year after that. Post 2010, he'll either be a 25 HR, 20 SB, .300 guy or I will have kicked that habit.

Rickie Weeks is another one for me and I keep thinking Daniel Cabrera is going to learn to find the strikezone.
vtadave commented 3193 days ago
Clay Buchholz may soon be my Austin Kearns. Hard to get over the no-no.
bpelowski commented 3193 days ago
Eric Chavez - I'd draft him year after year and he's kept getting hurt...finally bailed on him last year and glad I did.
Erickson (Blog Author) commented 3193 days ago
How good does it feel to bail on him and see him continue to hurt his owner? Of course, the flip side is when that player pulls a Brandon Phillips and resurrects his career.
spianow commented 3191 days ago
Rickie Weeks for me too.
cwmorgan commented 3190 days ago
While it may be a different sport, I'll have Corey Stillman on any fantasy hockey team I have from now until the day he retires probably. I honestly don't think I've gone a year without having him on multiple teams since before the lockout.
Benkard commented 3189 days ago
My Austin Kearns has been...Austin Kearns. And Rickie Weeks. I had Ryan Anderson on my team for several years and arm surgeries. Justin Thompson, same story.
Erickson (Blog Author) commented 3182 days ago
Justin Thompson - there's a name I haven't heard in a long while. Nice - I think I waited on him for a few years after his expiration date as well.
Bill Wirtz commented 3167 days ago
My Austin Kearns is Bobby Crosby. Maybe because I like his distant relative Bing.
iron59 commented 3137 days ago
I keep biting on Rickie Weeks. He's like heroin to me. He's not horrible but with all that power/speed potential I am determined to have him when he reaches his potential and makes us forget about Rickey Henderson. No doubt Mr. Weeks and I will be partners until he hangs up the old cleats.
tbear839 commented 3125 days ago
Me too on Kearns, which hurts as I'm a Reds fan living in DC. Eric Chavez is another and I always seem to end up with Jermaine Dye on my team, which can be hit or miss, lately hit. Sweeney also comes to mind as a guy who would be there when you've waited for that first baseman and felt smart picking him until Memorial Day when you realize he's done for the year. A couple of times I had drafted Nick Johnson as a back-up. Great strategy huh?
***Edited at 1/31/2009 2:51 PM PT***
kzakel commented 3117 days ago
"a Reds fan living in DC"? Wow, who knew that Jim Bowden posts to this blog! ;^) My Austin Kearns has been Austin Kearns, too -- I finally didn't pick him up last year -- but another for me was Chris Burke.
balboni45 commented 3109 days ago
I have had many. Austin Kearns, Willy Mo, Daniel Cabrera, Mark Prior,Kahlil Green and now I have Hermida. I think he will be the one to break the cycle. This will be the year...oh wait...I just said it again!!
nayfel commented 3073 days ago
I kicked the Kearns habit a while ago. He originally sucked me in when I owned him the year he was leading the league in RBIs before he got hurt and then returned to the field a different player. For three years after that, I thought I was the only one who really knew how good he was that year and it was just about time for him to become that player again.It was tough to cut the cord but I also know the others in my league who aren't so fortunate so I play into it at auction time.
rockyroto23 commented 3070 days ago
It is starting to look like my Kearns will be Alex Gordon. Got him again this year...
jasonbandy commented 3028 days ago
Ian Snell. Finally kicked the habit and traded him away.
HeirToKetwerp commented 3014 days ago
Jose Lopez. Is he EVER going to start hitting this year?
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