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Colts' Playoff Chances
Posted by schoenke (3222 days ago)
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Call me crazy, but I think Indy can win every game the rest of the season: @ Cle, Det, Cincy, @ Jax and Tennessee.

The Tennessee game will be tough but it will either be for the division championship (unlikely, but could happen if Tenn losses 2 games before the matchup) or could be an easy win if Ten has clinched its playoff position and rests starters (a pretty likely scenario).

And the Colts being a wild card may actually be a good thing. When the Colts have a bye and a home game, they've lost every time in the Manning era. When they won the Super Bowl they kept the momentum going by playing the first week (although at home the first game).

Maybe this is the year they start slow and finish strong, rather than the other way around. Of course, having Bob Sanders healthy for the playoffs is key.

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Erickson commented 3222 days ago
Concur with you that Sanders is the key. The first four games are eminently winnable, and if the Colts do indeed win those first four games, I'll bet that the line is Colts -2, maybe even -3.
JesseLSiegel commented 3222 days ago
The Colts are a scary team right now, and flying a bit under the radar with the Titans, Jets, Steelers and even the Patriots getting most of the publicity in the AFC. Peyton was obviously not healthy at the beginning of the season, but he certainly looks right now. I would say they have as good a chance as anyone to emerge from the AFC when it's all said and done.
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