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Worst Team In Sports History
Posted by schoenke (3191 days ago)
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Of the Big Six conferences, every team has gone to the NCAA Tournament at least 5 times except two teams: South Florida, who hasn't been in a big conference that long, and Northwestern, who is 0-for-70. yes, that's right: 70 seasons, no NCAA tournament.

Is there a worse team in pro or college sports? Maybe some soccer team overseas somewhere

***Blog was Edited on 11/25/2008 8:09 AM PT***

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cliss commented 3191 days ago
The Cal Tech team had a documentary on them because they hadn't won a GAME in 10 years - or something like that. (It was called: Quantum Hoops)
kevinccp commented 3191 days ago
Prairie View lost 80 straight football games, I think it esd during the majority of the 90s.
kennruby commented 3188 days ago
I don't even want to think about it. At least the other team I root for won the title last year.
jnowak2799 commented 3178 days ago
Any Pro Team from Buffalo, we the fans will always suffer in Buffalo, I know I'm a little off of the topic but come on you have to admit there has to be a curse on the city of Buffalo, We were in 4 straight Super Bowls and lost them all, we've been to the Stanley Cup twice and lost both times even though we had the best goalie in the world at the time in Dominic Hasek, and now it seems the NFL wants to move our team to Toronto, even though the fans of the Bills have pretty much sold out every game the Bills have played at Ralph Wilson stadium for the past 10 years and we have not made the playoffs, but the fans keep coming like Lemmings, we love our Bills and the NFL so badly wants them to move to Toronto so they can sell tickets for a minimum of $250 a ticket and have a half empty stadium, If the Bills leave Buffalo it will be very sad, urning to the Sabres, they call Detroit Hockeytown, what a disgrace, they should call Detroit the Ghosttown, even though this team is always stacked with stars, Joe Louis Arena is always EMPTY, I dare you to try and get a ticket to a Sabres game, it's almost impossible and they stink. I'm beginning to hate sports, Give the people what they want, Leave Buffalo alone, We care about our teams, I can't say that about a lot of other cities.
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