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Who will be a Sleeper team to squeak into the Playoffs?
Posted by tbonegeorge1000 (3181 days ago)
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The new NHL has been exciting in the post lockout era, but the salary cap was supposed to even out play in the league. This year might be the tipping point for some new teams to enter into the playoff mix.

The Chicago Blackhawks? Not much of a sleeper thus far but the west is very close this year. Their young stars should lead them into the playoffs.

The Columbus Blue Jackets? They have been improving every week and with rookie Steve Mason can continue his great goaltending they will not be a pushover any more.

The Florida Panthers? They are playing in the weakest division in the NHL and have a shot at the number 8 spot if they get some offensive support to help out Anderson and Vokoun in the net.

The Toronto Maple Leafs? Who would have thought they would be where they are at this point in the season. They have no big name superstars but a lot of talent. If they can sure up their defense and goaltending they might have a shot.

The Los Angelos Kings? They have a wealth of young talent lead by Kopitar, Frolov and Brown and getting solid goaltending by Ersberg.

Atlanta? Could go on a run, but not likely

Phoenix? Underperforming so far.

Ottawa? Are they just off to a slow start, I don't think they will continue to play this bad.

Tampa Bay? Has Management Issues. Why Fire Melrose?

New York Islanders? Tough division but could gain ground over Devils with Brodeur out. They are an ok team playing in the Best Division in hockey.

St. Louis Blues? They had a great start, but injuries are bringing them down. They will make a late season push but will it be enough to compete with the Best of the West?

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demgrinder commented 3180 days ago
Do U think that San Jose is as good as their record indicates or that they are just playing over their heads at the moment?
tbonegeorge1000 (Blog Author) commented 3166 days ago
San Jose is as good as their record shows for sure. They come to play every night, and even a mediocre performance by them is enough to win. Im a big fan of Columbus this year and Florida to make the playoffs.
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