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Are the Packers cursed?
Posted by Gillymo (3164 days ago)
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We all knew the Pack would take a step back from last year's 13-3 team. The team was returning 20 of 22 starters for 2008 but the heart & soul was gone (I'm not referring to Corey Williams). The summer brought us the "he said, he said" battle between Ted Thompson and Brett Favre the late night meeting between Brett & coach McCarthy and then the trade to the Jets.

Did the Packers bring upon themselves a sports curse of a legendary magnitude? The same way the Red sox dealing of the Babe sent them into decades of futility? Let's review a few games from this season and see for yourself.

Week Two vs Detroit. The Pack are up 24 to 9 to start the 4th quarter. Jon Kitna hits Calvin Johnson for two long TD's (along with a safety) to take the lead 25 to 24 with 7 minutes remaining.
The Pack march down the field and Brandon Jackson punches one in to regain the lead (25-31).
Kitna promptly throws 2 picks that are returned for TD's. Pack Win. The beginning of the curse? Maybe the Lions curse is just stronger.

Week Four vs Tampa Bay. The Pack fall down 23-21 with 6 minutes left to play. Aaron Rodgers has injured his shoulder and will not return. The Pack have no viable backup so Matt Flynn enters the game. They promptly go three and out and watch as the Bucs run out the clock. Is this the curse or just poor roster management by Green bay? I think a Dante Culpepper or Bruce Gradowski type QB gets them in field goal position but, who knows?

Week Eight vs Undefeated Titans. This was a solid game with a few bad calls but nothing the Pack couldn't overcome. The game goes into overtime where Tennessee wins the coin toss and marches down the field for the winning field goal. Pack never touch the ball......Related note, guess which NFL QB ended the Titans undefeated streak?

Week Ten vs The Vikings. All I have to say is "Illegal forward pass" Really? Rodgers is outside the tackle box, the pass makes it to the line of scrimmage & Tory Humphrey is in the area. Bogus Safety call and the Pack lose by one.

Week Thirteen vs Carolina. The score is 28-28 with 3:00 remaining. Green bay has the ball 2nd & goal from the one and have to settle for a Field Goal. They kickoff. The returner brings it back to midfield. Next play, Steve Smith to the 1 and then TD for DeAngelo Williams. 27 seconds and another Packer loss.

Week Fourteen vs Houston. The game tied at 21 4:21 remaining, the Packers are at their own 16-yard line. On the first play Aaron Rodgers hits Donald Driver down the left sideline for a 59 yard gain down to the Houston 25.
After running back Ryan Grant picks up 3 yards on first down, he follows it with a 9-yard pickup off right tackle, but the gain is nullified by a questionable holding penalty on right tackle Tony Moll (Even the unbiased TV announcers said it was bogus) Now with the Packers facing a 2nd-and-17 from the 32 instead of a first down from the 13, Rodgers is sacked for a 9-yard loss to take the Packers out of field goal range. Rodgers pass on third down to tight end Donald Lee gains only 3 yards to force a punt. The Texans take over on the 2 after a great punt and coverage effort. The Texans promptly drive down the field and kick a 40 yard field goal as time expires.

Week Fifteen vs Jaguars. The Pack are up 16-14 with just over 2 minutes to play. The Jags drive down to the Green bay 18. David Garrard scrambles inside the five where he is stripped of the ball. The ball bounces right back into his arms as he falls at the two. The Next play Drew punches it in for the winning score.

Week Sixteen vs Chicago. The epitome of the season. The Packers are up 17-10 to start the 4th quarter.The Bears come back to tie it with about three minutes left. Green bay marches down to the Bears 20 to set up for the game winning Field Goal.......BLOCKED!!!!. The game goes into overtime where the Bears win the toss, and take the ball down to score. Again the Pack never touch the ball in the extra session.

I have never believed in a jinx or curse but these past few weeks are unfathomable. This past Monday night game I could see it it the players eyes. They knew it was coming. There was nothing they could do. They were just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
How can a team be as talented as the Packers but be 0-8 in games where they enter the 4th quarter either winning or down by less than a TD?
- Gil Ceder Lifelong Packer fan.

***Blog was Edited on 12/23/2008 11:32 AM PT***

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JesseLSiegel commented 3164 days ago
It's been rough going for the Pack certainly, but you need more than one year to form a curse.
herbilk commented 3164 days ago
The Packers' curse comes in the form of Mike McCarthy. If he'd quit with the ultra-conservative "play not to lose" crap then maybe they'd win a few more games. The three run plays before attempting a 38 yard FG on Monday night was classic McCarthy. This team reminds me of the Aaron Brooks led Saints teams, which just happened to have Mike McCarthy as the offensive coordinator.
dvr9484 commented 3164 days ago
Not cursed. Poorly coached and injured through the middle of the defense. Inconsistent offensive line play as well, plus Ryan Grant's holdout didn't help the running game get off to a good start either.
thepearl-673 commented 3161 days ago
Sorry to disagree DVR, but the Packers I've been watching are much more inconsistent on defense than on offense. The offense by in large has done what it needs to in order to win, but the defense hasn't done its part.
jmueller3 commented 3160 days ago
Herb is absolutely right watching that game I knew there was no way McCarthy would throw the ball even once, try to get a first down and hit a last second field goal. The coaching is ultra-conservative because McCarthy won't put the ball in Rodgers' hands in clutch situations. Both their lines also need complete revamping.
Gillymo (Blog Author) commented 3160 days ago
Hey guys, Thanks for reading my rant.
Gillymo (Blog Author) commented 3157 days ago
I do think the Lions Curse is stronger :-)
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