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Name This Pitcher
Posted by Erickson (3155 days ago)
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Just a little exercise inspired from working on the baseball magazine.


2005 30 32 194.3 206 77 24 63 114 16 10 3.57 1.38

2006 31 32 190.0 207 87 21 69 104 12 7 4.12 1.45

2007 32 34 206.7 243 106 18 68 114 12 12 4.62 1.51

2008 33 31 177.7 207 98 30 67 90 10 10 4.96 1.54

Who is the proud owner of this stat line? Two hints:

1. He's an NL pitcher.
2. He switched teams between 2006 and 2007.

And what sort of numbers would you expect from him in 2009? He'll remain on the same team as in 2008.

***Blog was Edited on 12/28/2008 8:54 AM PT***

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cdgarosi commented 3155 days ago
The mighty Jeff Suppan. As for numbers, I would say something that looks pretty similar to 2008 10 W, 175 IP, 4.80 ERA 1.50 WHIP. Or, put another way, not someone who should be drafted.
Erickson (Blog Author) commented 3155 days ago
Well done, sir. At least the Brew Crew still has two years left on the deal.
herbilk commented 3154 days ago
The signing of Suppan was a ridiculously bad signing for Milwaukee. I'm sure that they could find a better starting pitcher on the free agent market with that $12.5 million/year for the next two seasons. Now they are not only stuck with Suppan, but still need to sign at least one free agent starter. Maybe they can sign Garland to a bad contract just to keep the trend going.
falcon2616 commented 3154 days ago
I wouldn't roster him even as an end game pick, this is the type of pitcher I hope some other owner thinks " hey I might get some Wins, because he pitches for a good team" then waste a dollar at he draft..Jeff when do you think we might hear a podcast on Baseball.??
Erickson (Blog Author) commented 3154 days ago
Podcast - yeah, as soon as we're done with the mag (our due date to send final copy to the printer is 1/9), we'll finalize our options to start doing regular podcasts.
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