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Napoli, Mathis and Catcher-ERA
Posted by Erickson (3155 days ago)
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Sam Miller in the Orange County Register's Angels Blog - - wrote a fantastic post about the disparity between Mike Napoli and Jeff Mathis in their Catcher ERA - I don't doubt that Mathis is a superior defensive catcher, but the explanation therein narrows the gap some. Plus, Napoli is such a better hitter that I don't think that the defensive difference matters that much
***Blog was Edited on 12/31/2008 2:06 PM PT***

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dlodog10 commented 3153 days ago
2009 Napoli - .275 - 65 R - 22 HR - 78 RBI (500AB)

2009 Jeff Mathis = Nowhere's close to those numbers.
Wingman432 commented 3149 days ago
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