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For those that like to use history as a determining factor in games ....
Posted by jsloniger (3144 days ago)
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Already kind of tired of hearing the argument that it's hard to beat a team 3 times in a season. My argument against that is that if you're already 2-0 against a team, you must be the better team, right?? Anyway, here's a nugget of history...The Steelers have never lost to a divisional opponent in the playoffs in seven tries. 2 of those wins were 3 point wins, the other five, all by double digits. Now, I don't subscribe to the theory that anything that's happened in the past will have anything to do with this weeks game, but for those of you who do, this is something to chew on.

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JesseLSiegel commented 3144 days ago
The Giants beat the Cowboys in their third meeting last season, after Dallas had beaten them twice before.
jsloniger (Blog Author) commented 3144 days ago
And your point is ?
JesseLSiegel commented 3143 days ago
The playoffs are a different beast. Throw the regular season out the window.
jsloniger (Blog Author) commented 3142 days ago
I believe that was the jest of my original comment.
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