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Bravez Geezers
Posted by schoenke (3105 days ago)
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Is it just me or does anyone else think signing Tom Glavine (43 and coming off major surgery) and Ken Griffey, Jr. (39 and now a subpar outfielder) are a big mistake and huge waste of resources for the Braves?

Sure they may only cost $5 million or so combined when the easier incentives are factored in.

But why even bother with these players when Orlando Hudson may be worth it (moving Kelly Johnson to left field or traded for say Jake Peavy). And why not have signed Dunn or Abreu at discount rates?

Not sure if I like where the Braves are headed on these two free agents ... if they happen.

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balboni45 commented 3105 days ago
I agree that Glavine is a waste of money but not Griffey. He is still good defensivly and would be the best OF the Braves have. If Francouer bounces back and one of the youngsters can step up, Griffey will fit in nicely. But this is what happens when companies and conglomerates own MLB franchises. They cut payroll every year because the team is not their main concern. I f Ted Turner was still around Atlanta would have snagged some bigger fish and would be much better off.
TeamSpankEm commented 3104 days ago
Not sure about Glavine at this stage of his career. Doesn't look good. The rotation is fairly deep so they should be ok without him should he get injured. Griffey puts fannies in the seats.
Zenguerrilla commented 3104 days ago
I agree with Pete.....wasting a season for a farewell tour doesn't sound like a winning formula.......I am not liking what I am seeing for them this year either....bleh!
Erickson commented 3104 days ago
Have to disagree with the assertion that Griffey is still good defensively. Most of the sabermetric defensive measures suggest otherwise, both in terms of his range and his arm. My personal observation from watching a slew of Reds games over the years also gave me a negative impression of his defensive abilities at this stage of his career.

Overall, I agree with Pete on both Glavine and Griffey. I think that they missed out on going after Dunn or Abreu at discounted rates, and they were more appropriate fixes for their lack of power from the outfield problem. Too bad, too - they were having a pretty decent offseason after getting shut out on Burnett - Kawakami and Lowe are good gets, and I liked the Vazquez trade.
Sabanholic commented 2989 days ago
This one was right on!!
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