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MJ, Still the Best
Posted by nayfel (3095 days ago)
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I know that the LeBron and Kobe comparisons have been going on for quite a while but it really came to a head after each of their Garden parties a few weeks back. Kobe went for an empty 61 (not to take anything away from that) while LeBron was a hair away from a 50 point triple double.
My question is this: what would happen if one of them got hot and got back to back triple doubles? What if they went for three in a row? four? impossible, my computer would break from all the "King James is really the King" articles. 5 in a row? 6? Why even consider such an impossible circumstance?

Well, because someone, pretty recently has done that.

Check out towards the bottom after he missed a game for a pulled groin.

Point: Neither of them can touch MJ.

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thepearl-673 commented 3095 days ago
That may be true, but MJ could not touch Wilt. Besides the better stats wilt put up, the NBA hadn't figured out marketing yet, and enacted rules to STOP Wilt. By the time Jordan came around the NBA recognized that they needed a star, and ignored the rules to help him. Granted, MJ was a fantastic talent, but he was no Wilt.
joey'scookies commented 3091 days ago
Mj was the best ever. Period. In my opinion, Wilt couldn't guard the dream. He dominated at a time when there was mostly 6-8 nonathletic centers.
thepearl-673 commented 3085 days ago
Anyone who believes that MJ was even close enough to compare to Wilt is simply showing their youth. Its not their fault, and I understand, but they have to be too young to have seen Chamberlain in his prime. MJ couldn't hold Wilt's jock strap. He was a great player, and I take nothing away from him, but Wilt was head and shoulders better than him.
vtadave commented 3075 days ago
Not sure why you guys are comparing a guard and center from different eras.
nayfel (Blog Author) commented 3073 days ago
Yes, I agree. There's no real way to compare them so MJ gets it by default, lol. The point of the blog was more towards the Kobe and LeBron comparisons.
thepearl-673 commented 3071 days ago
The post read "MJ still the best". That would infer the best player. It didn't read "MJ the best guard of his era". I would not have posted a rebuttal if that was what it read. If you want to talk guards of the 90's then MJ is your man, but when you say "MJ still the best" you're opening it up for any position of any era. And there's the debate. Although if you're experienced enough to have seen Wilt and MJ both, there really is no debate.
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