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(One time Set & Forget) Unique Free Fantasy Baseball League for Rotowire FB Guide Owners Only
Posted by DaveLFla (3107 days ago)
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I'll admit it - I got the idea for this league while reading the Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Guide on the pot. The more I thought about it, the more interesting it got.

Here's the deal - I need up to 18 more managers for a league where you get to pick a team comprised only of players from two facing pages of the Rotowire Fantasy Baseball Guide.

You need one batter at each position plus a utility, and four pitchers (at least one must be a reliever). A batter qualifies at a position if he played one game at the position last year, or if he was not in the majors, he is listed in that position by Rotowire.

It's a simple season long points league. You will have a hard time finding two facing pages with a full roster - so the key is finding some great players and filling in as much as possible with Scott Hairstons and Mike Hamptons.

For example, pages 98-99 run from Christian Guzman to Devern Hansack. Your team?

C- Robby Hammock
1B - Jack Hannihan
2b - Jerry Hairston, Jr.
ss - Christian Guzman
3b - Bill Hall
OF - Josh Hamilton
OF - Tony Gwynn Jr
OF - Scott Hairston
UT - Travis Haffner
P - Cole Hamels
P - Roy Halladay
P - Mike Hampton
RP - Joel Hanrahan

This isn't the best I've seen but it does fill up every position!

You can change pages twice during the season and change players from your pages (there are 10 bench spots, that can be filled only from your pages).

The league is set up as a free league on ESPN, and I will manually enter all teams from the "draft". The pages are up to you - first come first served!

If you are interested, e-mail me at and I will send you an invite to join. There are 20 slots, two of which are already spoken for.

If you are looking for a different challenge just for laughs, here's one for you!


***Blog was Edited on 4/12/2009 7:49 AM PT***

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Ricky25 commented 3088 days ago
You do realize that some back to back pages in the magazine include the mock drafts? I'll join as my super duper all star team then.
DaveLFla (Blog Author) commented 3087 days ago
Ricky - obviously misses the spirit of the league. Start with the A's and go through the Z's.

Anyway, the league is up and running with 11 managers, and has been a lot of fun getting started.

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