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Third Base Depth.
Posted by raschwab20 (3104 days ago)
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I sit here on this beautiful 28 degree Minnesota morning wondering what to do with my third base situation. Being the homer that I am, I bid on Joe Crede to be 1 of my 2 starting third baseman for the 2009 campaign. The other is the oft injured, brittle Chone Figgins. My safety net as of today is the young and talented Brandon Wood, who will probably end up back in Triple A.

What do I do? I will most certainly lose significant playing time from one or both of my starters. I do not have many free agent options for pickups at this time. I actually love the rest of my team this year and feel like third base is going to be the death of me. Wishing good health to all of your third baseman! Mine as well!

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milz3 commented 3102 days ago
Watch the White Sox. I think W Betemit could end up having a nice year. He needs to get on the field reguarly, though. Keep an eye on that.
georgecf commented 3102 days ago
Play Crede and hope for the best . . . he may surprise this year with better than expected numbers . . .then again, he may tank . . . of the three you mentioned, what choice is there, really? Wood's good spring may force the Angels to keep him and give him some playing time.
kipwells commented 3101 days ago
Play Crede as long as he can stay in the lineup.
bvdtaz commented 3096 days ago
I have always liked Betemit too but he has the same problem he always has had, there is someone on the team better than him. Josh Fields is going to be the starting 3B for the White Sox. I like Chasy Blake is set to have a good year in LA.
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