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Posted by rimshot888 (3050 days ago)
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My boys are looking good up in the ATL! Except for that minor hiccup in Philly we have shown some sparks of what may be an exciting and highly competitive team in the NL East. Pssst! The Phil's and Met are not going to make it in the pitching department. Marlins are gonna B tough!
Gotta love the depth in pitching and hitting we have on the bench. Great job Mr. Wren. One thing. We need an everyday left fielder with power. We'll let you slide on not signing Dunn if you promise to bring us a HOLIDAY in June.

Ronnie in Savannah

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schoenke commented 3049 days ago
The bullpen still looks shaky and is injury prone. That's the big risk.
iveoverflowed commented 3044 days ago
what a difference a week makes.
Sabanholic commented 2988 days ago
I agree that what a diff a week makes..I feel so much better this week than last but I still have my doubts about this team...If they can stay injury free (CHIPPER!!!!) then they should be ok......Hanson is going to be a hoss!!!! If only I would have picked him up!! I just kept holding out and then somebody grabbed him in my keeper league!! Damn it!!! LOL
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Atlanta Braves

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