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Posted by asses (3049 days ago)
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What are we to make of the outfield situations in Arizona and in Minnesota? Is Justin really going to platoon with Byrnes.....or possibly even be demoted to AAA????? In Minnesota is D. Young really going to platoon with Kubel? How much of a leash will Cuddyer get?? Hitting .230 with a .580 ops in the first week.

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Rugby12901 commented 3049 days ago
I can't see him getting demoted to AAA.
schoenke commented 3049 days ago
Gardy loves Cuddy. So D. Young/Kubel probably platoon for the most part.
iveoverflowed commented 3045 days ago
I actually wouldn't be surprised to see Upton in AAA if he can't figure things out. He's still a really young guy, and as nice as that swing is he could still learn some things with those ABs in the minors, and you want to put him in a situation where he can get some confidence in his batting. That being said, I don't think he'd spend too much time down there, but you never know. As convoluted as both situations look, all it takes is one injury and things will become much clearer.
vtadave commented 3044 days ago
I'd say Upton to AAA has about a 20% chance. Possible, not likely.

Did I just respond to a post by someone who calls themself "asses"? Yup.
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