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over/under on jones
Posted by asses (3045 days ago)
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Realizing there is a small sample size to go on, I can't help but notice Andruw Jones' numbers so far this spring and early season. Given that and his gold glove defense, I wonder how long it will be before he gets a full-time job in Texas. Factor in a Byrd/Murphy platoon in the OF, the glass jaw of Hank Blalock and the struggling Chris Davis and I say it will be before mid May.

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joey'scookies commented 3045 days ago
Is Andruw still a gold glove? He sure doesn't look like it when I see him over the last year plus. I guess it's possible with Murphy and Byrd, but I still don't see it working out that way.
herbilk commented 3044 days ago
He's still taking a good amount of walks, which is a good thing, but I'd still be wary considering that he's only had 14 at-bats and that they've been able to pick and choose when to start him. His body may not be able to hold up to playing everyday anymore and I don't think he's anywhere near gold glove defense at this point. I think Texas is doing the right thing by not playing him full time and DHing him a few times a week.
ewokwarrior commented 3032 days ago
Are you pepople kidding me not gold glove material no more.
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