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MLB Extra Innings Package
Posted by bvg2723 (3072 days ago)
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I subscribed to the MLB Extra Innings Package through our local cable company. I live in Las Vegas, NV. We are blacked out of all games for Arizona, San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Francisco, and Oakland! Its a 4-6 hour drive to S. California and 8+ hours to Oakland/S.F. If that weren't illogical enough, we are blacked out for all these teams on the road as well! Why would we be blacked out when Oakland plays AT New York?? Can anybody shed any light on this???

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lvtdude commented 3072 days ago
If Oakland at NY was a nationally televised game, it would be blacked out. And, it also seems that ALL Saturday games are blacked out. I'm sorry, but I want to sit home all day Saturday and watch baseball, not just Fox's "Game of the Week."
Erickson commented 3072 days ago
Fox pays for the exclusive rights on Saturday day games - it's annoying, but ... I understand. I've heard about the Vegas problem - that's beyond outrageous. Does that issue exist for DirecTV owners as well? Just bizarre....
schoenke commented 3071 days ago
I wonder if has the same issue.
tdonkey commented 3071 days ago is a great alternative to the TV package especially if your significant other doesn't find the Harang/Zambrano matchup this afternoon quite as intriguing as you do...As far as the "game of the week" I couldnt be more disappointed especially since I live in Mass and a lot of these so called games of the week feature the Sox whom I could watch anyway. The only difference is I have the choice of listening to either A, McCarver or B, Jerry "Remdawg" Remy in which case ill choose C, mute. Imagine if McCarver and Joe Morgan did a game together...
bvg2723 (Blog Author) commented 3067 days ago
I assume the powers that be from MLB don't make these blackouts just to be mean, so I am trying to come up with some degree of logic. Trying and failing. ALL home AND road games for all six teams listed are blacked out for Las Vegas. What does MLB hope to gain from me by not showing me games played on the East Coast? Do they really think I might be a SF Giants fan (600 miles away) and therefore might want to travel to Atlanta (2,000 miles away) to watch them play the Braves?? Could that be their logic?!?
grennon75 commented 3064 days ago does the same thing. I put up with it last year, but so far I haven't bought in this year. I live in southern Indiana, an hour and a half from Cincinnati. All Reds home and away games are blacked out, as are the White Sox and Cubs. Someday I might want to go see a game at Wrigley. Not being able to watch them on my computer isn't what makes that trip happen. Once or twice a year I might load up the family and buy six tickets to go see the Reds ($250, factoring hot dogs and gas). Whether or not I can watch them on the Dell that day has no bearing on the decision. Nevermind that they are blacked out when they play in San Diego. It does not matter what the reasoning is, or what tv contracts dictate, or why Bud Selig, who is ultimately responsible, lets this go on. It does not matter. It is how it is and it is dumb. Too dumb for me to play along and enjoy all the other games, and that is too bad. The hell with
Slugdog commented 3060 days ago
Supposedly the reason that games are blacked out in certain areas is to force you to watch said game on your "regional sporting network". If you are in DC, it's MASN; NY, YES or SNY, etc. Forgetting completely that these are PAY networks, meaning that none of them are available for free to begin with, this means that you can't log on to the internet and watch a "local" game because your satelite or cable provider wants your attention. The rule is meant so that smaller sports channels, such as MASN, will not go under because every time a game is on ESPN nationally, you won't chose which broadcast to watch, but be forced to watch the local one (knowing ESPN's crappy broadcasting, usually this a good idea anyway). The problem comes with the idea of the internet and This is completely different from choosing to watch the game on ESPN over SNY, you have paid for the priviledge of watching the game on your computer! Perhaps you have no TV, perhaps you are at work, perhaps your significant other wants to watch "Lost"! MLB is still in the dark ages as far as the black out is concerned, the world has changed MLB... Adapt!

Here is Philly we have an even bigger issue. Our regional sporting network is Comcast Sportsnet (CSN). Comcast is based here and they feel they should have complete dominance in their local market, so CSN is not available on DirectTV. So for DirectTV customers who cannot watch the game on their local broadcast anyway, the game is still blacked out both on MLB extra innings and

I have spent too much of my time trying to make sense of the MLB package over the years. It seems to me that in paying a premium for a premium service, fans should receive a level of respect from MLB and not be hassled like this. Personally, I've given up...
mattypants commented 3050 days ago
I live in Raleigh which is claimed by both the Orioles and the Nationals. Consequently, national broadcasts and MLB EE broadcasts that I have paid for are blacked out. This is because I am supposed to watch the games on MASN which my local cable provider refuses to carry because it would raise monthly costs for everyone for the sake of a few. i.e. There are no Orioles or Nationals fans in Raleigh and they're not going to cater to the relocated Sox, Yankees, and Mets fans who are affected 19 times a year.

Previously, I was denied the pleasure of watching Rays games while living in Tallahassee because my local cable provider considered it part of Georgia. TALLAHASSEE IS THE CAPITAL OF FLORIDA! I never could get to them to explain why I was denied Fox SportsNet Florida because I was "in Georgia" but blacked out on ESPN because I was in Florida. I can't be in both places can I?
grennon75 commented 3046 days ago
As previously stated, in their current condition, I'm not getting or Extra Innings. However, it is only fair to say the MLB Network- -has exceeded any expectations that I had when it appeared on my cable menu in January. Every night they cover the games with live look-ins at a pace that seems just right. No annoying background music during highlights or excessive stuff like Baseball Tonight does. It is just really easy to watch. In between games, you get classic games, World Series docs, the Ken Burns Baseball series... At least MLB got this right.
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