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Guys you shouldn't have cut.....
Posted by Zenguerrilla (2993 days ago)
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Every year I am good for at least one good screw up when it comes to cutting a cold player who turns it around. Who have you cut and who did you hold onto that would fall into the "wasn't to swift of an idea" category? This year in a 12 team, 400 head drafted league....I cut Justin Upton to keep Jeff Francour....Probably wasn't a good

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Thomas10966 commented 2993 days ago
I do that every year too. My theory is most of the time when you cut bait it's a good idea, so you have to accept the occasional misfire. For example, last year I cut Andruw Jones fairly early. If I held on to him, I would have wasted that roster spot. This season I've already cut Oliver Perez from a couple teams.

It's always an interesting judgment call. Usually, my rule of thumb is if a player, especially a batter, is still playing regularly and has enough potential, then I'll hang on to him, like Mike Fontenot and garret Atkins this year.

Last season I did make a blunder in one league by cutting Alexei Ramirez and several years ago I cut Ryan Howard in a modified keeper league when he was first up in the big leagues and struggling a bit. Not to say that move haunts me or anything...
obzen commented 2989 days ago
Cut Ryan Franklin after the first week and a half or so thinking he wouldn't be getting saves...not ideal.
todoublem commented 2988 days ago
I cut Adam Jones BC I felt I would never play him BC I Had Corey Hsrt as my third OF and Berkman as my UTIL
ngleichman commented 2988 days ago
Great topic. I found Huston Street and Tulo on waivers this year, but dropped Ubaldo Jimenez and Clint Barmes. Those pale in comparison to Ryan Howard though.
bmwm3866 commented 2988 days ago
Last year I needed to make a trade for SB. I got Kemp in August. I balked at the asking price and ended up giving up Zack Greinke instead. By my league rules I could and would have kept him for this year and next. OH well. The other guy was Volquez whom I did keep.
garascia commented 2987 days ago
I dropped Jered Weaver for Chris Young (SP) the first week of the season. Cannot tell you how badly that one still stings.
jimbom commented 2984 days ago
I dropped Verlander just after his 3rd start...I had him last year and didn't see anything changing. Guess I was wrong
dandysfan commented 2983 days ago
I cut Scott Baker about a month ago. I'm getting the feeling that may not have been a swift idea.
lvtdude commented 2982 days ago
In Ryan Braun's rookie year (before he even played) I needed saves, so I cut him for a guy that didn't even end up getting any saves. Worst move in fantasy history. I eventually got him back this season, for Carlos Quentin. Redemption.
lvtdude commented 2982 days ago
Any chance Chris Young will be that guy this year? Lots of people have given up.
PMain commented 2980 days ago
I dropped Sherill after two nasty blown saves
that crushed my team ERA.

Dude's been lights out ever since :(
Bush25 commented 2979 days ago
Dropped Sandoval when Weiters got called up this year. But it's looking to turn around.
brockf1 commented 2964 days ago
Last year I dropped Dustin Pedroia after what seemed like a two month slump. Who won AL MVP last year?
lkkwak commented 2963 days ago
dropped Zobrist b/c he was only playing maybe 50% of games at that point...and Madden seemed beholden to getting his Gabe platoon untracked even though they weren't doing anything yet
worksucks commented 2955 days ago
Dropped Derek Lee after his slow start to pick up Helton. Shoulda just benched him.
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