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All-Time Team
Posted by Bankerbob (2978 days ago)
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This is my list of all-time players and positions. this list includes only players I have seen play.

C: Johnny Bench
1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Pete Rose
SS: Ernie Banks
3B: George Brett
OF: Ted Williams
OF: Willie Mays
OF: Roberto Clemente

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TRENT13 commented 2978 days ago
C: Josh Gibson (If Negro League players are not eligible for this then start Bench and add "Pudge" Rodriguez as the back-up)
1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Rogers Hornsby
SS: Honus Wagner
3B: George Brett
OF: Ted Williams
OF: Ty Cobb
OF: Stan Musial
DH: Babe Ruth

C:Johnny Bench
3B:Mike Schmidt
OF:Willie Mays
OF:Hank Aaron
OF:Mickey Mantle
SS:Cal Ripken

Rotation:(Going w/6 man rotation...too hard to name just 5 lol)
Cy Young
Walter Johnson
Lefty Grove
Christy Mathewson
Greg Maddux
Randy Johnson

I am guessing with this squad I wouldnt need much of a bullpen...

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