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All-Time Team
Posted by Bankerbob (2975 days ago)
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This is my list of all-time players and positions. this list includes only players I have seen play.

C: Johnny Bench
1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Pete Rose
SS: Ernie Banks
3B: George Brett
OF: Ted Williams (Yes I'm that old)
OF: Willie Mays
OF: Roberto Clemente
SP: Bob Gibson (Right Handed)
SP: Sandy Koufax (Left Handed?
RP:Rollie Fingers

If Pujols makes the roid list substitute Orlando Cepeda, or possibly Eddie Murray.

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nerobe commented 2973 days ago
Willie Mays used Amphetemins. They are considered cheating nowadays too. But I guess double standards are all the rage now.
vtadave commented 2971 days ago
I'd put Schmidt in there at 3B, but it's splitting hairs. I'd also go with Eck at closer and Pedro over Bob Gibson, but then again, I never saw Gibson in his prime.
ryanthemagi commented 2971 days ago
What about Mariano Rivera?
fantasy addict commented 2967 days ago
Once upon a time drinking was considered a PED. As much as I cant stand taking pity on a person who makes millions, I firmly believe lawyers are the ones making a killing on the attack on MLB, and its' great modern day players.
putolindo commented 2966 days ago
SS Arod??? Sorry Bob you messed that one up big time.
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