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Biorhythms Predict Players Performance And Injuries
Posted by biomans (2895 days ago)
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As Technical Director In Charge Of Health Research for a chain of Health Spas, San Diego Family Fitness Centers, I had the privilege of working with the San Diego Chargers Coach Don Coryell and trainer Rick McDonald in 1981 and San Diego Soccers in 1982-1983.

Biorhythms predicted how each professional athlete would perform according to their biorhythm cycles. It was truly amazing that you could predict any athlete's performance using biorhythm charts.

I have decided to share with you what I learned in the biorhythm research project for the San Diego Chargers in 1981 and the San Diego Soccers in 1982 when they won the NASL and 1983 when they won the MISL.

Fantasy football this year seemed like a good vehicle to continue my biorhythm research. I signed up for a team in the FOX Fantasy League and will be sharing my results, based on biorhythm values to pick my starters. I think you will find biorhythms valuable in predict the players who will help you win your league.

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