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Benefits of having Rangers in your Rotation...or any team with a stellar lineup
Posted by squints87 (1979 days ago)
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The season is scarcely under way yet predictions for certain teams are already being shouted from the rooftops."The Boston Red Sox(4-10) are terrible, theyre pitching is awful" or conversely "Man, Texas is really good,theyre really a contender"(13-3). Its a long season, yet such rants and rumblings are heard throughout the sports world by fans and journalists alike. Ladies and Gents its a long season, lets not get carried away. The Sox may right the ship and the rangers may fall into a slump. It remains to be seen.

However, there is ample benefit to obtaining a pitcher who has a strong lineup behind him. Some people may disagree with me or think that Im stating the obvious. Depending upon the rules of your league, a questionable top tier pitcher with a strong lineup may carry more benefit than a top level pitcher in the sense that it will allow you to add more talent to your batting line-up. For instance,pitching being of equal importance as hitting,you could possibly spring for that Matt Kemp or Tulowitzki instead of chasing down Cliff Lee or Verlander. Now,as Ive stated before, it depends upon the rules in a certain league. If a certain league caters to pitchers,obviously you should draft a Verlander or Kershaw, or a Lee.

All of that said, the Texas Rangers in particular have been very good to their pitchers this season. Its not to say that their pitchers are awful but only one or two MAY possess the talent of Verlander or Kershaw. Perhaps, thats an unfair comparison but its hard to argue with the most recent CY Young winners possessing an extreme measure of excellence. I could expound upon this more but this blog is meant to stimulate discussuion more than anything else...

"Thats how baseball go"- Wash

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