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Keeper Help
Posted by bclifton (1704 days ago)
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Can keep 5 in an auction style, total points based league. Wins and Saves are 10 points, SB's are 2 points, HR's are at minimum 6 points with the run and RBI. No deduction for strikeouts, etc. Keepers receive 20% raise from last year's contract price. Total budget 150. (This year's salary).

Keeping McCutcheon (5), Bourn (3), and A. Jackson(2)for minimal salary combined.

Suggestions on my last two spots: Papelbon (10)and R. Soriano (2). Relievers earn 10 points per save which add up nicely, but always a risk to keep due to the turnover at the position from year to year.

Other options include Kipnis (2), Wieters (6), and Latos (10). While Reyes is always an option (26), I assume I will be able to get him at the same auction price as last year and not exceed the cost of the salary with a raise.

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Penguin007 commented 1702 days ago
First thoughts are to keep Kipnis and Soriano at $2 each.
thepearl-673 commented 1688 days ago
I would also go Kipnis and Soriano.
MikeGrr19 commented 1677 days ago
I'd go Wieters & Soriano
I love Soriano after seeing Clippard/Storen the past 2 years in Washington

Unless you can get a guy like Rosario, D'Arnaud (who I think makes the team out of camp) Lucroy, Arencibia for $2 or less, I'd keep Wieters. $6 for a Potential Top C is a good deal

If not, I'd go Kipnis
jdub327 commented 1660 days ago
Soriano for sure. I think also Kipnis thats the best value pick. He could have a big year with the Indians much improved lineup.
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