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10 Team PPR 2nd yr. Need 1 Owner $100 League Buyin
Posted by joelinden (1455 days ago)
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I have an active 2nd year running 10 team PPR league on that I need to fill 1 last owner spot. The league owners are very active, the point scoring is High with a weeks 15 and 16 combine playoff scoring feature to protect against the best team completely tanking the playoff game. Buy in is $100 through League Safe an the draft is this Wed. at 6:30 pacific. Payouts 1st $600, 2nd $300 and 3rd $100. If you are interested please email me ASAP at and I will answer any question or send a invite with password. This is the league url if u would like to check out the point format
***Blog was Edited on 8/27/2013 12:50 AM PT***

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