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NFL fantasy trade. please comment back to see if its a good deal.
Posted by tyler1227 (1431 days ago)
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I am in a 12 team league with my friends and people i know. We have 3 divisions and our playoffs are week 15-16. I am winning my division with a record of 4-2 and 800pts. The top 3 division winners go to playoffs along with a wild card which whoever has the most pts gets it. Anyways i dont have any running backs hardly and i was jw if i should make this trade.
Matt Ryan, Eric Decker, Alfred Morris, Frank Gore,Julius Thomas, James jones for Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Julian Edelman, Greg Olsen, Chris Ogbonnaya, Jason Snelling,Jermaine Gresham, Austin Pettis, Golden Tate.

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tyler1227 (Blog Author) commented 1431 days ago
Also forgot to mention im the one with Manning.
frank1983 commented 1418 days ago
You would be downgrading at QB but upgrading at RB, WR and TE... I would hate to loose Manning but i may do that. hope that helps.
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