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Super Bowl or Bust League
Created by Goober2112 at 9/25/2013 12:12 PM PT
This is a public team, anybody can view and comment.

NFL Team I'm in with some friends so far 3-0 we'll see where it goes...

Players on the Team:

Bell, Joique (DET - RB) - On 1 Other Team
Britt, Kenny (STL - WR)
Brown, Marlon (BAL - WR)
Brown, Zach (TEN - LB)
Bryant, Matt (ATL - K) - On 1 Other Team
Bullock, Randy (NYJ - K)
Flacco, Joe (BAL - QB) - On 2 Other Teams
Graham, Jimmy (SEA - TE)
Gresham, Jermaine (ARZ - TE)
Griffin, Robert (WAS - QB)
Johnson, Calvin (DET - WR) - On 7 Other Teams
Jones, Julio (ATL - WR) - On 2 Other Teams
Lacy, Eddie (GB - RB) - On 2 Other Teams
Miller, Lamar (MIA - RB) - On 1 Other Team
Powell, Bilal (NYJ - RB)
Smith, Harrison (MIN - S)
Vereen, Shane (NYG - RB)

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Changes to this team:
There have been no changes to the team roster.