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Jack Moore is a freelance sports writer based in Minneapolis who appears regularly at VICE Sports, The Guardian and Baseball Prospectus Milwaukee, among others. Follow him on Twitter @jh_moore.

Fantasy sports articles written by Jack Moore

Team Previews: AL Central

Jack Moore provides in-depth previews for all five teams in the AL Central. Can Eric Hosmer lead the Royals to a third straight pennant?

Team Previews: NL Central

Jack Moore provides in-depth previews for all five teams in the highly competitive NL Central.

Stathead Sagas: What Hath Shaun Camp Wrought?

Stathead Sagas: Preliminary Roto Targets For 2013

Stathead Sagas: Revisiting The June Mock Draft

Stathead Sagas: Schlock Draft

Could you have reasonably drafted a team so bad in March, that the addition of Mike Trout would have failed to save it?

Stathead Sagas: Eligibility Lost

The Jays' Jose Bautista will no longer be third-base eligible for fantasy owners in 2013. Jack Moore takes a closer look at others losing value with lost eligibility this offseason.

Stathead Sagas: Can Frontloading Innings Work?

Stathead Sagas: Batting Average Fatalism

Stathead Sagas: How Much Can Deadline Deals Really Do?

Stathead Sagas: The Economics of Keeper League Deals

Stathead Sagas: Deadline Winners and Losers

Moving out of Target Field and into U.S. Cellular Field makes Francisco Liriano one of the losers at the trade deadline.

Stathead Sagas: Pujols And Projections

Stathead Sagas: Jack Moore's Mid-Season Reflections

Stathead Sagas: How Do Parks Really Play?

Stathead Sagas: Breaking Down Midseason Expert Valuations

Stathead Sagas: Year Of The Closer?

Thursday Lineup Card: A Light Slate

Stathead Sagas: Opportunity Cost Heroes

Monday's Lineup Card: Blasted Capps

Stathead Sagas: Do You Platoon?

Stathead Sagas: Save Efficiency In The Closer Apocalypse

Sunday Lineup Card: Alert The Medics

Stathead Sagas: State of the League

Stathead Sagas: Catchers Impressing Early

Nerd Alert: Checking My Work

Stathead Sagas: Stats in the Bank (Part II)

Stathead Sagas: Stats in the Bank

Players who start hot can have overly alluring statlines for weeks afterward. Don't pay for stats in the bank.

Nerd Alert: Calling All Fantasy Owners

We need data from you, fantasy owners! Help us out!

Stahead Sagas: Think Defense When Searching For Pitching

Defense isn't usually a consideration in fantasy baseball, but it should be: team defenses

Nerd Alert: Is Carmelo's Surge For Real?

Carmelo Anthony put up the kind of week we expected him to coming into the season with both Amar'e Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin sidelined. Is this a trend?

Stathead Sagas: Why We Drafted Middle Relief

Mike Adams has been one of the best pitchers in baseball over the last few years, but he's passed over in standard leagues because he doesn't pick up saves. Not in my drafts.

Nerd Alert: Kobe Bryant's Machine Gun Shooting

Kobe Bryant is leading the league in scoring, but the price has been his worst shooting percentage in years. Can Kobe handle such a big offensive load and maintain efficiency as well?

Stathead Sagas: Good Luck Drafting for Batting Average

Joe Mauer should have a great batting average this year, but just how certain can you be?

Nerd Alert: Kenneth Faried Breaking Through

Stathead Sagas: When Just Enough Isn't Enough

In order to find which power hitters are for real, we need to take a deeper look at how far their home runs actually flew.

Nerd Alert: Situations To Avoid At The Trade Deadline

Trades can drastically change a player's value. Here are a few situations you don't want to see your fantasy players thrown into.

Stathead Sagas: MLB Teams Are Running Wild

Brett Lawrie's Blue Jays were just one team to steal bases at a much higher clip in 2011.

Nerd Alert: Can DeMarcus Cousins Take The Next Step?

DeMarcus Cousins is one of the best young rebounders in NBA history. Can he bring the rest of his game together?

Nerd Alert: Hot Shooting Starts at the Rim

Three-pointers may be flashy, but when it comes to sharp shooting percentages, it all starts at the rim. Who is getting to the rack more in 2011-12?

Nerd Alert: How Will Carmelo Anthony's Return Impact the Knicks Offense

The Knicks have enjoyed great success under Jeremy Lin, but with Carmelo Anthony returning this week, how will the Knicks' offense be affected by his return.

Nerd Alert Returns!: Home-Court Assist Factor?

Does every official scorer for each of the NBAs 30 teams dish out assists in the same fashion? Jack Moore breaks it down.

Ballpark Factors: Reviewing All 30 Parks

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