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Whether you are a long-time RotoWire user or a new visitor to our site, your first thought is probably "Why should I pay for this?" We'll be perfectly honest with you.

Our model has gone from a free delivery system based on advertising, to a system based on subscription fees. The number of free fantasy sports sites on the web is dwindling and their quality is eroding. For those of you who used to visit us for free, we'd like to remind you why you found the site so valuable in the past and for the new people, here is why paying $4.99 per month saves you time and money in the end.

1. Real-Time Player News

"The wire service of the fantasy sports world" - Fantasy Sports Online For Dummies

We have staff working round the clock to update the status of players. If Barry Bonds hurts his hamstring after a late West Coast late game, you'll find out about it on RotoWire (and get an update emailed to you) within minutes. Your wide receiver just pulled his hamstring in practice? We let you know that afternoon. You play fantasy sports in real time, and every second counts with free-agent pickups and trades. We know that because we use our own information .. we are hard-core fans .. we deliver it all in real time!

2. Quality of Player News

RotoWire is to fantasy sports what Dow Jones is to the stock market. We've got reporters and editors working 24/7 to keep you up to date. We have a team of four full-time editors who constantly monitor the wire services and watch the games to keep up to speed on the latest injuries, roster moves and playing time changes. RotoWire also has a network of nationwide reporters who cover teams in each sport to give us news directly from the locker room. In short, we work hard to catch all the news, get exclusive news from the source and have the experience to tell you what it all means.

3. In-depth Player News Accompanied by Powerful Database

"If you can't find news on a baseball player on RotoWire, where else can you even go?" - RotoWire subscriber

You may be able to find tidbits on star players on sports portals such as ESPN, Yahoo and Sportsline, but where are you going to find crucial news on rookie pitchers, third wide receivers and NBA 6th men? RotoWire updates news for every player in the four major sports ... plus tons of minor league players for baseball and hockey. Our database of players - who we REGULARLY report on - is the largest in the industry. This database also includes information you won't find anywhere else: updated contract information, preseason outlooks and reviews, injury information (complete and timely 15-day DL, injured reserve, projected MLB starters and other lists).

4. Track Record and Longevity

"the grandfather of fantasy sports sites" - Fantasy Sports Online For Dummies

Back in 1997, the founders and staff of RotoWire basically created the market for fantasy player news when they developed RotoWire carries on that tradition with the most timely and vast set of player notes. The founders sold to another company which folded in a typical IPO bankruptcy. The founders decided to keep their company alive and the staff formed in April 2001. Our editors and writers have been working in the industry long before the web made it became mainstream, and are prominent members of the fantasy sports community, participating in such high profile events as the USA Today LABR Draft, the Arizona Fall League Symposium and the Fantasy Sports Players Association.

5. We Cover all the Sports

And where else can you find fantasy player news on hockey, college football, college baseball, golf or auto racing? Good luck. We cover all the players, all the teams and all the sports!

6. Extensive preseason info

With your subscription to RotoWire you get more than just player news - RotoWire also delivers the strongest preseason draft help for your league. This includes projected stats (for the four major sports) on all the players, special tools for you to get customized rankings and projected stats (for the four major sports). and weekly features for each sport to help you figure out who to pick up and who to draft. And unlike other sites, our cheat sheets and rankings stay updated throughout the year.

7. Renowned Columnists

RotoWire is the only place you can find highly regarded fantasy sports advice such as Steve Moyer's baseball insight, Scott Pianowski's fantasy football analysis, Chris Liss's NFL picks ... and more!

8. Technology Features

RotoWire isn't just a web site ... it's a full-service fantasy news center. Get your player news on the web, or via your cell phone or instantly via email. We want to keep you informed 24-hours per day no matter where you are!

9. Saved Time = $$$

Sure, you may be able to read every newspaper online every day to try to keep tabs on your fantasy sports teams. But why? How many hours will RotoWire save you per week? Your time is valuable. RotoWire will keep you at the top of your game in your fantasy leagues and save you time. With the time you are saving and the money you're winning in your league(s), RotoWire should pay for itself ... many times over!

10. Discounts

Ok, if you can't calculate the value of your time, then let us add some money of our own to the equation. Get a free subscription to RotoWire by depositing money in your account with Get a number of discounts on fantasy sports and other vendors by becoming a member. We'll make sure you receive all sorts of privileges -- both upfront and in the future -- by becoming a subscriber.

We save you time, money, offer mission critical data you need and make it fun. Hopefully we've sold you!

We hope you'll make RotoWire your one-stop source for all your fantasy sports needs.

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We truly appreciate the patronage and support of all our readers over the years, and we were espeically heartened by those who have contributed to RotoWire through PayPal. In recognition of this, those who contributed will get double credit on any subscription. Please read more here

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