How do I update the projections?
The projections can be updated with two steps.

There are two ways to update your player projections. Please note that you will need a current RotoWire subscription in order to get the most recent projections.

Open up the software and select "Projections," and then "Update Projections". This will open a window that gives you two options for updating the projections. If you are online and have a paid subscription you can enter your RotoWire user name and password to download the projections directly to your software.

You can also download a projections file and update the projections by following these steps: 1. Open up your software. Select "Projections" from the top menu bar. Select "Download Most Recent" from the drop down menu. This will open instructions and a link to download the projections in the web window of the software. You must have a current subscription to access this page. You may need to log on with your username and password before you are allowed to download the projections. Right-click on the link to the current projections and select "Save As". Save the projections to any place on your computer EXCEPT your desktop. Be sure to remember the name of the projections and where you saved them.

2. Select "Projections" from the top menu bar. Select "Update Projections" from the drop down menu. A small window will pop up which will allow you to find the projections file on your computer. Highlight the file and click on "Select File" to update the projections.

Can I transfer my drafts/auctions to another computer?
Yes, it is possible to transfer all of your drafts/auctions to another computer. The process involves transferring a file named "players.mdb" from one computer to the other. Use the following steps: 1. Install the software on both computers.

2. Find the players.mdb file on your computer. It will be in the same directory as the installed software, which is usually in this folder: /documents and settings/all users/application data/rotowire/basketball 3. Transfer that file to the same folder on your other computer. If you set up any drafts or auctions on that second computer then you may want to rename the original players.mdb file to players_ori.mdb before transferring the players.mdb file from the first computer. If you copy the players.mdb file over the original then you will lose any drafts/auctions that were set up on the second computer.

You should now be able to open up the software on the second computer and you will have all of the drafts/auctions from the first computer.

Will the software work on Macs?
Unfortunately, our draft software is only compatible with Windows operating systems at this time.

Can I change the dollar values?
The dollar values provided with the software are generated based on a formula that incorporates your league categories, number of teams, and roster composition. Because it is not a fixed number, you are not able to edit the actual value. You are able to edit the projections for any player, which would then change his dollar value.

My grids do not have scrollbars. How do I fix that?
This occurs on computer which are using a higher than normal DPI setting for their displays. Use the following steps to lower the DPI setting on your computer: 1. Right click on your desktop and select "Properties" 2. Click on the "Settings" tab.

3. Click the "Advanced" button.

4. Change the DPI Setting to "Normal size (96 DPI)".

Open your draft software again and see if the scroll bars appear in the grids. There have been a very few instances where a user had to select "Customize DPI" and set it to lower than 96 DPI, but using "Normal size" should work.

There are players missing from the free agent lists.
If you are missing players from the available players list then most likely you just need to update your projections. The initial download of the software includes projections from May. Some players get traded or are added to our projections after that first projection, so they may not show up until the data is updated.

How do I print dollar values and results?
While there isn't a way to print directly from the draft software, you can easily print these items from any spreadsheet software. Here's how you do it: 1) Select "Export" from the top menu, then select the data that you want to print. If you want to print the dollar values, please select "Projections." 2) Select a location on your computer where you want the data saved and click the "Export" button.

This will save your data in comma delimited format as a .csv file. You can open this file in just about any spreadsheet software, including Excel. Once you have it opened in a spreadsheet it's fairly easy to print from there.