Fan Duel Value Plays

Beachy vs. Houston – 6800

This is my keystone and where I put most of my dosh. The scoring structure gives 5 points for a win and Houston’s lineup looks about as formidable as a headless cricket.

C – Castro of Houston – 2500

I always fill the catcher spot last, and for as cheaply as possible.

1B Billy Butler – 3700

I like the 10th rated 1B’man on the board in a stacked lineup facing Tom Milone (Sam and Diane’s illegitimate love child).

2B Jemile Weeks – 3600

Riding the hot hand in 4 roster spaces, and this is one of them. 9th rated second baseman, I like his price.

3B Chone Figgins – 2600

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I love this value, and believe me–as a Mariners fan, I am gun-shy to the max about believing in Chone Figgins. (note: The phrase ‘Grody to the max’ should enjoy it’s retro rebound in about 4 years – so I’m jumping the gun and gun-shy in the same sentence. Just color me flustered.) Anyhoo, Figgins is finding the ball with the bat again this year. In a few weeks we’ll know if he’s for real or if the A’s can’t pitch.

SS Rafael Furcal – 3200

Batting .526 with 2 steals and facing Bailey. Odds are he ain’t gonna kill me at this price.

OF Brett Gardner at 3600 and Granderson at 4900

I’d hoped to load up on Yankees facing Matutz but Cano was too pricey and though I like A Rod to resurge I thought Figgins was a better value. I’ll go ahead and say it so you don’t have to read between the lines, Beachy and Matutz are the 2 key players of the night for me this evening.

OF Beltran 4100

Hitting .389 with 2 dingers and a swipe, the lineups warm and he’s facing Bailey in Cincy. Why not?


Do you have any other players you think are firing on all cylanders early? Have a Fanduel lineup you’d like to compare? Either way, have a great day people and remember – it’s more fun if ya bet on it!