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redskins on the warpath
Created by ddjoye at 8/20/2010 4:11 PM PT
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disgruntal fans that has big wishes

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MaineSkin posted 2355 days ago
OK ddjoye, whats your prediction for the SKins FA? I have Franklin, Gallery, Blalock and Clements on my wish list with Jacoby Jones and both Jenkins a very close 2nd (Slaton is a great talent w/o the fumbles). I really do not think McNabb would benefit or succeed from leaving DC. McNabb needs to stay and show other teams he can pick up a new offense and lead young players to victory. As for our draft, I believe we scored big time in adding GOOD football players that sell out and have excellent resumes on and off the field. Kerrigan + Rak = a crying Romo! I do wish Shanahan pulled the trigger on Mallet or Kaepernick, but I am almost certain Jake Locker would be a Redskin if the Titans did not jump the gun. You?
MaineSkin posted 2451 days ago
Shanahan plus Snyder's money will most definetly bring a SB to the Nations capitol. We already saw it working last year with the Skins winning 2 more games than the year before with a 31st ranked defense (10th in 2009) and an offense that confused itself.
***Edited at 7/2/2011 3:53 PM PT***
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Washington Redskins

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