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Looking for 2 for Baseball Keeper League
Created by CliftonKorr at 2/4/2014 10:00 AM PT
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Looking for 2 owners to take over teams

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rboleto posted 1387 days ago
I also would be interested. What website does it run through and can I see the teams?
hiatt34 posted 1388 days ago
I might be interested, where can I get more info, teams available?
CliftonKorr (Group Admin) posted 1388 days ago
There are 2 teams available first come first serve. Entry fees will be discounted depending on which team taken. Right now one free team with a deposit of $50 before the next years season(2015) starts. The other team would be discounted $50 off this years entry fee. 12 teams, Rotisserie format with weekly lineups. Standard 5 categories for hitting and pitching. Looking for dedicated owners who will follow team all year. No tanking.
***Edited at 2/4/2014 10:14 AM PT***
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CliftonKorr (Admin)
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