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RotoWire Community - Polls - Polls about the New York Mets

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New York Mets Polls
Poll Name Poll Question Responses Comments Date Created
Trade Advice! Should I trade Manny Machado and Noah Syndergaard for Chris Sale and Justin Turner? 29 0 5/23/2017 7:32 PM PT
Why trade Harper ???? I am in a 20 team dynasty league. I am currently in 7th. The following trade was proposed to me. I would have to drop 2 players. I trade Harper and Mc... 20 0 5/10/2017 6:36 AM PT
Last Keeper in 12 team 5x5 roto league Last keeper in 12 team 5x5 roto league (current keepers are T.Turner, Bautista, Benintendi, Schwarber(C), Bregman, C.Seager, Odor, D.Gordon, Darvish a... 54 2 2/27/2017 4:09 AM PT
Matz or Giolito? Start Matz vs. Washington (Gio Gonzalez) or Giolito at Mets (Colon)? Just need one start here. Start Matz over Giolito? 30 0 7/7/2016 2:13 PM PT
Grishuk for Glasnow Very deep NL , 260 5x5. Would grishuk at $ 11 next year be a fair trade straight up for a Glasnow $20 '17? who wins I do need P a little more that ... 26 0 7/7/2016 1:41 PM PT
Blockbuster - NL only auction, contracts Traded - Arenado Option yr, Jimmy Nelson Option yr For - L. Lynn $3 1st yr, Danny Duffy $10 2nd yr, Pomeranz $3 1st yr, Schwarber $5 2nd yr, Dominic ... 17 0 6/28/2016 10:50 AM PT
Trade question Should i trade Max Scherzer and Yoenis Cespedes for David Price and Mookie Betts? 26 1 6/22/2016 3:53 AM PT
Should i make this trade? Should i trade Mookie Betts and Noah Syndergaard for Nolan Arenado? 10 team keeper league 33 0 5/19/2016 9:56 AM PT
Trade help!!! Should I trade Carlos Gomez for Marco Estrada? I need pitching bad and feel like gomez is a huge bust. 18 1 5/7/2016 5:32 AM PT
Must Start One Jimmy Nelson @Minn or Steven Matz @Atl? 23 0 4/18/2016 8:28 PM PT
Bryce Harper Trade This is a trade that was just accepted in my mixed 12 team auction keeper league. Bryce Harper was swapped for the following: Kyle Seager, Lucas Duda,... 45 0 4/10/2016 10:03 AM PT
Gomez or Cespedes Which one H2h categories? Keeper league. Money on both players the same 51 1 3/22/2016 6:38 AM PT
Dynasty trade Would you make this trade? Neil Walker, James Shields, Alex Gordon, 8th and 30th draft picks for Rougned Odor, Blake Swihart, Gregory Polanco, and Ta... 29 0 3/20/2016 2:43 PM PT
Keeper question I got my hands on 3 5th round picks (4 keepers each so our 1st round really starts at 5). Should I trade a 5th round pick for Garritt Cole or keep Sy... 43 1 3/5/2016 7:01 AM PT
Keeper help please Which 2 should i keep from these 6 26 1 2/29/2016 3:35 PM PT
Pick one for 2016 Who has a better 2016 95 1 1/21/2016 6:47 PM PT
Trading Jacob deGrom Who would you rather receive if you were to trade away Jacob deGrom? (short explanation would be helpful, thanks) 15 2 7/31/2015 6:19 AM PT
Evaluate the trade! Scherzer for Harvey Which side do you favor? 12-team, H2H categories, yearly league (Losses count) 23 0 7/29/2015 10:50 AM PT
Evaluate trade - Bautista/Lucroy/Parra f Need pitching help - is it enough to give up Bautista (for deGrom) if I'm upgrading at C? 17 0 7/29/2015 10:20 AM PT
Evaluate the trade! Rizzo/Pineda or Zobr Which side do you favor? 12-team, H2H, yearly league 18 1 7/29/2015 8:16 AM PT
Syndergaard or C. Martinez I can keep one, if the season ended today who would you choose to keep? 33 1 7/26/2015 4:18 PM PT
Who to bench next week? At SP? 9 0 7/25/2015 5:29 AM PT
Rest of season roster choice at OF/UT Needing a little more pop in my OF I just picked up Preston Tucker. Would I be better off for the ROS with... 24 0 7/15/2015 7:31 PM PT
Rest of season roster choice at MI Patiently waiting for Corey Seager (not) I dropped Daniel Murphy for Schoop...did I do wrong? Should I have... 20 0 7/15/2015 7:23 PM PT
Which Catcher ROS? Pick one 25 1 6/13/2015 3:47 PM PT
who?? Which SP going forward?? Colon,Paxton,Walker 4 2 5/18/2015 7:16 AM PT
Do I make the trade? Do I trade Jose Fernandez & Michael Wacha or Yordano Venturs for Kris Bryant & Michael Taylor? I still have good pitching in Schrezer, Strasburg, Lat... 27 0 5/11/2015 9:39 PM PT
Which 3B Dynasty league, considering the injury, who would you play, Rendon or Wright? 30 0 4/4/2015 3:17 PM PT
Kershaw&Hanley or Trout&Strasburg?? 12 team league starting 3OF and 3SP. Would you rather have: 65 0 3/27/2015 12:52 PM PT
Trade review Would you trade Stanton for Puig and Arenado Keeper league, rotisserie. 59 0 3/22/2015 2:59 PM PT
Last Keeper Which of these 3 should be my last keeper in a standard 5x5 mixed league? 19 2 3/3/2015 6:47 PM PT
Final Dynasty League SP to draft as Rese Which of these 3 has potential to be most dominant. Don't need for 2015 21 0 2/27/2015 10:16 AM PT
Pick a SP for 2015 Who would you rather have in 2015 58 0 2/2/2015 2:18 PM PT
TRADE HELP - Stud P for Stud OF I have Puig and someone just offered me Wainwright. Would you keep Puig or take Wainwright here? 29 1 8/11/2014 11:02 AM PT
Two for two trade, what side is better Dexter Fowler and Christian Yelich for Daniel Murphy and Yoenis Cespedes 27 2 5/27/2014 7:38 PM PT
rookie SP Who is better of the three? 10 0 8/8/2013 9:29 AM PT
Who to drop!!!!!???? Which player should I drop between these 2 16 0 7/30/2013 6:22 AM PT
I. Davis or L. Morrison Who should I keep? 11 0 7/6/2013 7:39 AM PT
Better Trade??? Did I get the better end of the trade?traded Matt Harvey & Castro for Matt Carpenter & Pappelbon. Adding Carpenter makes my position players probably... 10 0 6/18/2013 6:12 PM PT
Need Trade Opinions I would trade away Ryan Zimmerman and Matt Kemp in return for Jacoby Ellsbury and David Wright. Comments welcome too. 12 1 5/28/2013 8:51 PM PT
Matt Harvey vs. Shelby Miller Who would you rather have for the rest of this season? No keeper implications whatsoever, this is strictly for a standard yearly roto league. 12 0 5/23/2013 7:53 AM PT
I am offering in a 5x5 keeper NL I GIVE make the deal? 3 0 4/29/2013 10:20 PM PT
Pitchers to let go... Which of these pitchers would you let go first based on their performance so far? 25 0 4/19/2013 12:43 PM PT
Better 3b option Who will have a better year at 3b? 54 0 3/27/2013 8:26 AM PT
Keep Dickey or Teixeira? Do I keep Dickey or Teixeira (if my other 6 keepers are all hitters too)? 32 0 2/14/2013 2:07 PM PT
Please rate these two minor LGRS which do you see as the best offensive LONG TERM STUD? 91 1 5/6/2012 10:31 PM PT
Pettitte or Hughes Which Yankee pitcher will perform better in 2012? 122 0 4/3/2012 8:08 AM PT
Keepers I need to keep TWO of these guys. We are a 4x4 league.Who would you keep? 80 0 3/23/2012 11:36 AM PT
Who would you take? Which of these pitchers would you pick this year? 89 1 3/21/2012 12:13 AM PT
Trade 3 keepers for tulo? (auction leagu I've been offered in a NL, deep, 260 keeper league $33 Tulowitski FOR Shelby Miller 5 Bonafacio 9 and Y. Grandal 5 ( all get 5 raise next year)-- 69 1 3/19/2012 6:17 PM PT
Davis or Duda I am in a 9 team roto league in the 7 round I can take either Ike Davis or Lucas Duda. I am looking for some power. Who do think is the better pick? 66 0 3/17/2012 5:40 AM PT
Keep Tabata or Freese ? Keep Tabata or Freese ? 138 0 3/3/2012 12:45 PM PT
David Freese or Daniel Murphy Standard 5 X 5 Auction League NL Only. Would I be better off keeping Daniel Murphy at $3 or David Freese at $8? 115 0 2/2/2012 10:59 AM PT
Real $ Earned Tool Should Rotowire offer a customizable, real $ earned calculation tool? 42 0 1/12/2012 8:45 PM PT
Ike Davis or A. Rizzo? 10-team Continuing NL Scoresheet keepers, should I keep Ike Davis or Anthony Rizzo as my 1B? 153 1 8/12/2011 10:31 AM PT
Fielder vs. Reyes Would you trade Fielder and Espinosa for Freeman and Reyes? 56 0 5/30/2011 2:38 PM PT
Closers Three closers in my league are available that I'm interested in. Chris Kimbrel, Leo Nunez, and Kyle Farnsworth. Who should I sign? 139 1 4/27/2011 4:47 AM PT
RE: Drop which pitcher Which pitcher would you drop in a H2H league no keeprs? 94 0 4/25/2011 9:01 AM PT
Brandon Beachy for Michael Pineda Is this a fair trade proposal? 119 1 4/18/2011 5:35 AM PT
Starting Shortstop Who should I start at SS? 63 0 4/15/2011 6:21 AM PT
Jose Reyes - NL Only With the risk of Reyes being traded (and potentially to an AL team), how much does this impact you keeping him ($27 salary) in a traditional, NL-only ... 36 0 3/30/2011 11:10 AM PT
Keepers, Keepers In a 5x5 NL only 10 team rotisserie league, now Domonic Brown is hurt and I am scrambling for a 10th keeper. Who do you pick out of the following? 59 2 3/8/2011 7:00 AM PT
trade Uggla for Halliday in an NL only 6 I'm in an 6X6 NL only league and was offered Halliday for Uggla. I am in 4th and can gain ground in hr's rbi's, runs and sb's just got fielder,hollid... 52 2 7/16/2010 2:43 PM PT
Rios I've got A. Rios, Dunn, Granderson, C Gonzalez, Posednik, J. Heyward. My 12 team 5x5 League starts 3 OF and a UTIL. Should I sell high on Rios now? 39 0 7/5/2010 8:39 AM PT
Who wins this trade? 18 team mixed. 6x6 A: David Wright/Han Ramierez/A. Soriano/Ogando B: ARod/Alex Gonzolez/Matt Holliday/Wainwright 70 2 7/2/2010 6:52 AM PT
Tim Hudson just became available and may Tim Hudson just became available in my league and I am considering a switch. Is there one I should drop for him or keep what I have? I have Carpenter... 62 0 6/13/2010 2:42 PM PT
trade would you trade angel pagan,mark texiera and fernando rodney for mike leake justin upton and aurbrey huff 195 4 6/13/2010 7:54 AM PT
Ike Davis or E. Encarnacion? Who would you rather have at your UTIL position?: 67 0 5/25/2010 5:50 PM PT
hmmm??? In a 15 team league i got 2 closers would you trade buerhle and chase headley who is on my bench for neftali feliz??? I need wins and saves 29 1 5/19/2010 2:56 PM PT
would you????? would you trade jason bay, Arroyo, and Buehrle for Roy Halladay??? 29 1 5/18/2010 3:19 PM PT
Dan Uggla and Jason Bay for Jimmie Rolli It's a 6x6 NL only. Offensive categories=R, RBI, Net SB, AVG, HR, and K's 36 1 5/13/2010 11:10 AM PT
Pitching Help Who should I pick up as a roster replacement? 36 0 4/30/2010 1:28 PM PT
5X5, 15 Team, mixed Roto league. Should I trade Mauer, Padilla, and M.Lowell for Napoli, Loney, and Danks ? Really need to upgrade at CI and SP. 25 0 4/24/2010 7:55 AM PT
Wright and Kendrick for Braun and Young Should I trade David Wright and Howie Kendrick for Ryan Braun and Michael Young? I have 2B- Schumaker, Sizemore, Hill 3B- Beltre 68 1 4/8/2010 6:53 PM PT
Jason Heyward In a 1yr league....should Heyward get drafted before or after pick 150? 91 0 3/27/2010 8:49 AM PT
Scarces Position Which position is the most shallow in depth for 2010 draft this year? 389 1 3/24/2010 12:10 PM PT
Danny Murphy or Garrett Atkins? Deep keeper league... 80 0 3/24/2010 10:13 AM PT
Rebounds Which player will provide the best rebound results,relative to draft position? 70 3 3/18/2010 6:02 AM PT
Drafting 7th overall??? who would you take with the 7th overall pick? 1311 8 3/10/2010 6:34 AM PT
Ace Pitchers Who is the better pick in a 6x6 league that has K/BB as a sixth cat? 152 0 2/27/2010 9:11 AM PT
Better Keeper Would you keep Homer Bailey, Gabby Sanchez or David Freese? All at the same price. 61 1 2/14/2010 3:30 PM PT
5x5 NL Only Keepers Who would you keep on your roster of the following? 357 0 2/8/2010 5:16 PM PT
Santana/Pena for Howard Which side do you like in this deal? 43 0 1/17/2010 1:25 PM PT
Trade Would you guys make this trade I giving up J. Hamilton, C. Beltran, M, Wieters, T. hanson, and B. Webb for C. Crawford J. Werth T Hoffman and F Hernan... 70 0 7/23/2009 8:04 PM PT
Tell me! Would you make this deal? Give up David Wright, Shin-Soo Choo & Mark Buehrle for Kevin Youkilis & Jimmy Rollins? My SS is Ben Zobrist so I can easily move him to Left to tak... 92 0 7/22/2009 7:27 AM PT
Is he worth it? Brian Roberts to much straight up for Josh Beckett? 52 1 7/17/2009 11:33 AM PT
keeper league trade should i make this deal? 25 1 7/14/2009 7:04 PM PT
sizemore for santana I traded sizemore for santana My pitchers are Webb,Shields,Washburn,Baker,Slowey,Nolasco,Hanson and My OF are Markakis, Hamilton, Beltran, Rivera Not ... 48 1 7/14/2009 4:57 PM PT
KEEPER LEAGUE TRADE Who wins this keeper league trade 20 2 7/6/2009 6:16 PM PT
Beltran for Figgins, Lee and Kazmir Do I give up Beltran for Chone Figgins, Carlos Lee and Scott Kazmir in a keeper league? 45 1 7/4/2009 1:33 AM PT
Milledge/Morgan trade In the long run, who wins out on this deal? Washington gets Nyjer Morgan/Sean Burnett....Pittsburgh gets Lastings Milledge/Joe Hanrahan? 43 0 7/1/2009 12:31 PM PT
keeper league trade which 8 0 6/24/2009 8:47 PM PT
Zimmerman for Wright? I've been offered David Wright for Ryan Zimmerman. Should I take the deal? Wright gets more steals but looks awful at the plate at times. 63 4 6/20/2009 9:09 PM PT
Wright/Manny for Zimmerman/Granderson? Who gets the better end of this deal? 54 0 6/18/2009 9:32 PM PT
SS/3B trade question In a non-keeper league, which combo would you prefer from this point on? 47 0 6/17/2009 4:49 PM PT
keeper league trade Witch team do you favor in this deal A OR B.? 19 0 2/20/2009 4:19 AM PT
Takes two Which two free agents will the Yankees sign? 33 0 12/6/2008 1:24 PM PT
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