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keeper league trade
Posted by jwg2277 (3066 days ago)
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Would you do this trade:
Stephen Strasberg
Tommy Hanson
Jason Heyward

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jwg2277 (Poll Creator) commented 3063 days ago
Thanks guys. I am going to pull the trigger and trade away Strasburg. In the end, I figure:

1) Hanson has already shown he can pitch in the majors
2) You never know how pitching prospects will workout
3) By receiving 2 for 1, I increase my probability of getting a quality MLB starter.
4) I already have Price, Bumgarner, and Danks, so Hanson will fit in nicely.
HeirToKetwerp commented 3063 days ago
Yeah - no doubt about it. Hanson is WAY more valuable than Strasberg. Hanson might be the most valuable keeper in the league, except for maybe Lincecum.

Even IF Strasberg is a legit Major League talent, he's still gonna be a National... so his ceiling can't be much higher than Jordan Zimmermann's.
nweditor commented 3064 days ago
I'd do it just to pick up Hanson. I was dumb enough to trade him away earlier this year, so I speak from experience.
cjcrater commented 3064 days ago
Why??? Strasburg could be the next Mark Prior! Hanson looks like an ace for the next decade. You know what your getting from him. And Heyward is a premiere prospect as well!
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