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Who would you draft?
Posted by TRENT13 (3168 days ago)
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In a 14 team league(standard) with the 24th overall pick which player would you draft?

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SylvanWiz commented 3160 days ago
A Good QB is the nucleus of any fantasy team. If one doesn't commit to his marquee QB early in the draft, he will be destined to struggle and very well fail. Since WRs may be important, most all fantasy leagues have a 2-4 WR look, and, one can have a productive number of starting WRs without them really being the top WRs in the league.

If you can come out of your draft with an excellent slinger with a nice backup QB, and have 3 productive WRs with some bench depth, you have a good chance of being a tough weekly opponent.

Since QBs can rush for TDs as well as pass for them, they do have better value than a WR. Actually a good RB would be better than a good WR since RBs receive and rush and pound it in to the end-zone.
benjimo13 commented 3163 days ago
Lowestrates, something that may be good is fantasy impact based on quality of team matchup and point spread, Not just pure O/D #'s. Sometimes a crappy QB will have a great day because his team is losing big an they throw every down and a top QB on a good team will have a bad day because they are up by 21 in the second Qtr. Or a backup RB may have a big day because he gets 20+ carries in a blow out where a # 1 RB on a bad team gets shutdown because they have to throw every down in the 2nd half. Just a suggestion, not sure if it is a good one.
benjimo13 commented 3163 days ago
I don't care what league style you are in, if you have the best QB you will be in the playoffs and win! Will Peyton be the best QB? Who knows but if you take a flyer in a late rd you may regret it.
lowestrates commented 3164 days ago
I am hosting a Fantasy Football Radio Show on ESPN 1250 this year starting September 6th. It is in the San Antonio market. Does anyone have any idea of what they wish a show would have that no one else is doing already?
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