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Is this a smart trade?
Posted by megaswole (2766 days ago)
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Head2Head shallow mixed.
Don't need any more saves but need offense.
GIVE UP prince fielder/jonathon broxton for vernon wells/dan uggla

I have morneau also

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drizer7 commented 2764 days ago
I wouldn't expect V. Wells to continue the hot hitting. If the last three years are any indication, he will plateau at 20ishhr 85rbi 275avg...and that would far exceed his previous three year average. Uggla is good for hrs but the average will kill you- he'll get his 30hr 90rbi 250avg. Fielder, despite the slow start will heat up and hit atleast 40hrs with a ton of rbis, say 120 and 290avg...if you really need offense and have a sieable lead in saves..give it a go, but don't be surprised to see V. Wells stall at some point. Unless he's roiding.
trueguru1985 commented 2765 days ago
wells and uggla will post higher numbers combined than prince and broxton will. jump on it...
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