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Trade Stanton?
Posted by jkrieg19 (2749 days ago)
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Should I trade Michael Stanton for Adam Lind? It is a head to head league and 14 teams deep.

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jwg2277 commented 2691 days ago
Keeper = no
Non-Keeper = yes
jbstorey commented 2741 days ago
I wouldn't be giving up Castro, Alvarez and Morrison if I gave up Stanton & Posey. Also I had already told the other team that even if I did trade I would not trade both of them. Right now I am looking at 3rd place and an outside shot at one of the top two slots. I am not sure I can make a big trade that would keep me within cap constraints and get me to the top. Alvarez is supposed to come up this week. It is possible without doing a trade I may end up getting the help I need from my young guys and be in great position for another run next season.
Beethoven commented 2743 days ago
It's a keeper league... And that trade is NUTS. Keep Stanton at all costs. He's a franchise player for the few years!!! To give up Stanton, Posey, Castro, and Alverez? You're crazy if you make that trade!!
jbstorey commented 2745 days ago
In an 11 team NL only keeper league(auction style for active roster and rotation for 14 man reserve(15MLB keepers and as many minor leaguers as you want) Cap at draft is 130, in season 175), should I include both Buster Posey and Mike Stanton in a trade for Adrian Gonazalez(22), Prince Fielder(20), Furcal(10)(expiring contract), Soriano(15), Oswalt(10.5). I have already included Cody Ross(6.5), David Freese(1.5), Starlin Castro(5.0), Pedro Alvarez(minors), Logan Morrison(minors), Todd Frazier(minors) and 2 2nd round picks in next years rotation draft for a 7th & 8th in several offers. I am in third place and I have 126 on the cap now. I would have trouble putting them all under the active cap. I am wary that one or both Fielder and Gonzo will be traded by the deadline. Posey's offensive ability with catcher eligibility and Stanton's raw power I would kind of like to keep if I can, especially because of the potential I will deal them for guys I will lose in 5 or 6 weeks.
smckeown commented 2748 days ago
If it's a one-year league, I'd make that swap.
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Toronto Blue Jays

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