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10-team league.. QB 2WR 2RB TE K D DST
Posted by alterson.chris (1211 days ago)
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Best order to draft players???

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alterson.chris (Poll Creator) commented 1209 days ago
The problem I face is that in my league, everyone typically takes a QB first, which means if i wait, ill end up with a bad qb. Would you reccomend picking a qb 2nd?
jaykayjk10 commented 1211 days ago
Strategy 1: RB/RB/WR/WR/QB/TE then K and D/ST in last couple rounds
Strategy 2: RB/WR/RB/WR/QB/TE then K and D/ST in last couple rounds

Usually depends on draft spot and best available players. RB is easily the most shallow position so take them early as the quality RBs run out quickly. QB is a pretty deep position so you can wait on them unless you want a stud. TEs also run out quickly but try not to reach for them. The only top tier TEs are really just Graham/Gronkowski/J. Thomas and tend to get picked very early. I usually settle for someone like Witten/Cameron/Olsen to solidify the rest of my roster. WRs are pretty deep but the elite ones are always taken first couple of rounds so don't wait to draft them. Finally, fill out your bench with mostly RBs and WRs once you filly out your starters, minus the K and D/ST.
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