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Trade-Yes or no?
Posted by KHitt (2360 days ago)
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Very in depth keeper. Bard, Balfour, Kalish+Jeffress for Posey, Holland and Se.Rodriguez. Gain little bit of salary. Care more about next year than this one,can keep as many guys as we want. Also give up some $. Have Arencibia + lots of SPing need RP

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Dp1110 commented 2341 days ago
hellickson for tabata.would you do this trade?keeper league.
KHitt (Poll Creator) commented 2357 days ago
Read this before you vote!!!!!!!! Again, trying to put this at the top so people see it. I'm the one giving up Posey, Holland and S-Rod
benjimo13 commented 2358 days ago
If it's a keeper league as you say, The big name in this trade is Posey!He should not be given up. He will be a top 5 C next year. Holland is pretty good too. The other guys are all replaceable, maybe Bard and Balfour are closers NEXT year but closers are a dime a dozen. Posey and Holland have cemented their starter spots.
brutherford commented 2358 days ago
Bard or Pabelbon will need to split town before this helps, Balfour is about to be unseated by Bailey, possibly. Kalish hasn't proven keeper status yet. If you're in a keeper, you should care more about the longview, in which Posey will be a bi-eligible .325 hitter EVERY YEAR. Hell of a cornerstone, the verdict is still out on Holland, but he looked damn good today! I'll give up Sean Rodriguez all day long, but sooner or later he'll either break out or bottom out.
KHitt (Poll Creator) commented 2359 days ago
By the way. I'm giving up Posey, Holland and S-Rod for Bard,Balfour, Jeffress and Kalish
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