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2nd Greatest WR of all time
Posted by hwd23 (3283 days ago)
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Rice ran away with #1 which was a no brainer. Who is 2nd?

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Gillymo commented 3278 days ago
I gotta go Hudson then Largent.
Hudson was the 1st star WR in history. Largent held several records including TD when he retired.
The other guys had HOF caliber QB's at the helm. Largent had Dave Krieg. Krieg wasn't a slouch but no where near a canton guy.
***Edited at 12/27/2008 1:48 PM PT***
hwd23 (Poll Creator) commented 3280 days ago
not sure those guys would get a top 15 vote. I know they wouldnt stand a chance against these guys. I know its a different game but Biletnikoff had less than 600 catches. I'm sure you can make an argument but it would fall on deaf ears. Swann? No way IMHO. He didnt even make the hall of fame until 2001. He retired in 1982 with 336 career receptions for 5,462 yards. Rice did that in 4 years.
JesseLSiegel commented 3283 days ago
Biletnikoff? Swann?
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